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Posted By: Greg Dunlap <gregandeileen@juno.com>
Date: Sunday, 3 November 2002, at 5:39 p.m.

Man, what a FIND!! If you have been following this, I have been fighting a gram-negative (deep internal muscle/septecimia)infection in 5 Black Tetras I bough about 1.5 weeks ago.

I was using Spectrogram- it helped, but would not clear after a full week. Then I went to Maracyn-2 It fought the infection to a low-point, but would not knock it out. At this point I was using HUGE doses of both, with no luck in total clearing. I finally did what I should have done last night- dialed into the net and did some in-depth research RE freshwater fish diseases.

I read what I already knew- I was dealing with a common disease in Tetras, bacterial (gram-neg) in nature. It gets into the tail and body-tissue and causes a slow-burning infection that eventually leads to secondary fungals, septecemia and blood-streaks in the tails. It is HARD to get rid of.

This article told me what I knew- gram neg deep-tissue or organ infections are hard to kill because it is difficult for the antibiotic to build to a high enough level in the fishes blood through absorbtion through the skin. But the author had a solution, one I am surprised I had never considered! Try this- IT WORKS!!

I took about 1/3 of a table of the Maracyn and chopped/crushed it into a fine powder, then added about 1/8 tbsp of distilled water and mashed/mixed it with about 1/4 tbsp of food-flakes. Mix the stuff real well, into a thick paste, add a little more flake if too wet. It was still early, and the oven slightly warm, so I put the mess into the oven to dry faster (very low heat).

About 12 midnight last night, the stuff had dried into a hard paste. I used a sharp knife and chopped the stuff into fine granules about the size of the fine minnow-pellets (1/16" dia). I put a small amount into the tank and stirred it so it would sink. They ate some, but were not too thrilled with the taste!

This morning about 6:00 AM I again fed a small amount. The guy noted to "keep the fish HUNGRY so they would eat tiny amounts through the day", so I only fed a very tiny amount, which they took.

About 11:00 this AM my youngest daughter was looking into the tank and noted "they were all better". I looked, and looked, and looked, but ALL the bloodstreaks were GONE- I mean ZERO left. (Note-I am still treating with the MAR/Spec in the water, but I dropped the dose way down to "normal")

I have been trying to clear this for going on 2 weeks, and in less than a day it is GONE. Today, about every 5 hours, I am feeding the fish TINY amounts of food, keeping them hungry enough to eat the concoction. I have noticed if I put more than a tine piece each into the tank they won't come back for seconds, like trying to give a kid medicine!

I have no doubt this will work like a charm for all internal bacterial infections. If the fish is too sick to eat, treat with meds in the water until they will eat, then add this method. The acceleration of the drug working is astounding! And I have NO DOUBT I could have cleared these guys from quarantine in 5 days if I had been doing this, and used about 1/10 of the meds!

I used to (before my iso-tank) have to mess around with drugs due to sick fish (no more with the iso-tank!!).

I have seen fish get better relatively quickly (a week) and others take 2 weeks or more to clear from an internal infection, but I have NEVER seen an infection clear this quickly, not in 20 years!! I would suggest all of you treating for internal infections in the future use this with the regular treatment- IT WORKS!! Once again, after 20 years, I learn something new, I am amazed at how you can be in this hobby for this long and still learn things! GREG


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