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Still Having Problems -- Still Need Advice

Posted By: peterinwa <peterinwa@attbi.com>
Date: Sunday, 3 November 2002, at 1:03 a.m.

When I posted about brown algae it was suggested that it was not due to my new lighting and extended hours of lighting, but to being overstocked. But it was also suggested that this would not be a problem for the short term if I did twice-weekly water changes.

As my problems continue, I am now strongly considering giving some of my fish to my LFS to give myself the best possible chance to succeed. I am simply not willing to buy the bigger tank you all recommend so strongly until I can learn to keep a small one. But I will do anything else I need to.

The brown algae I reported really wasn't much of a problem. It was mostly on glass areas I hadn't cleaned recently and cleaned up nicely. But now it's beginning to cover all of my plants. I hadn't noticed any on my Anubias until tonight, buy now the leaves are becoming covered with it.

If it's not the light, it's probably the fish waste that's making it grow. But with 6 live plants and my 25% water changes with vacuuming every 4 days I'm surprised that's a problem. I'm not overfeeding, and the only other new thing is the addition of a little Iron supplement which was suggested by a number of people.

BTW my water parameters are 79-81 degrees, 10 or less Nitrates and no Ammonia or Nitrite, and a pH of 7.6.

I know some of you feel very strongly that plants are a real pain, but I understand that even if that's true their presence should only help with keeping the fish. So I will continue to try to keep both. I just love the beautiful look the plants give the tank.

After my water change yesterday the water was noticeably clear. Tonight it is full of very tiny white specs making it somewhat cloudy. They almost look like tiny bubbles, but they don't rise. I suspect it may just clear up.

The Red-tailed Shark is darting around as if being stressed, and showing somewhat clamped fins and heavy breathing. I've only had him a couple of weeks so maybe he came with a problem, though he looked so healthy in the beautiful planted tank he came from and has been acting very natural until tonight.

I just love my fish so much it will be hard, but I'm thinking of giving away either 3 Glowlight Tetras or 3 Black Neon Tetras, and the Red-tail. This would leave me with just 3 Tetras and the 2 small Clowns. I'm actually not really attached to the individual fish so it won't be that hard. It's just that they are all my favorites. Anyway, the sooner I'm successful with my 10 gal the sooner I'll buy something bigger and then I can just get these fish again.

Specific questions:

-- Would a small Pleco (I can't find Siamese Algae Eaters around here) be helpful with the brown algae? Would it eat it off the plants? Or should I be able to solve the algae problem buy doing other things right, e.g., having fewer fish? I just want a tank with GREEN plants like Gareth's! LOL

-- I assume that the haze in the water is from being overstocked, though it's a bit confusing that the parameters are perfect and I just did a partial change yesterday. Any other ideas what might be causing this? I'm sure the filter's working well.

My User Profile describes my tank and how I keep it if I left out something important.

Thanks so much,

Peter aka peterinwa aka "Overstocked" aka FRUSTRATED!

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