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Skinny Clown Loaches

Posted By: fishgirl <a_l_couture@hotmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2002, at 4:40 p.m.

Two of my loaches have recently started getting skinny. I've done a search on this forum and I'm a little confused. What's this "skinny disease" people are talking about? Is it parasitic? Bacterial? Could this be fishy TB? This sounds like what's happening with my litlte loaches, but I've found conflicting information on treatments, too. There's all this talk of Levamisole (sp?) but where on earth would I find that?

What can I find at the LFS that will help a clown who's getting skinny for no apparent reason and seems to be losing his appetite?

I've seen these meds (among even MORE!) suggested (here and elsewhere on the net):

Clout (Aquarium Products) - "A very strong and effective medication for parasitic and protozoan infestations. Treats: Ich, Hydra, leeches, Planaria, Epistylis, Trichodina, Hexamita, Tetrahymena, body fungus, digenetic flukes, parasitic copepods, monogenetic flukes and anchor worms."

Discomed (Aquatronics) - "Treats concaved abdomen, internal worms, capillaria, hexamita and skinny body."

Hex-A-Mit (Aquatronics) - "Indicated in the treatment of white dots or body velvet, holes in head or sinus area, weight loss, not eating and wasting away, unexplained fish death, marine ich or protozoans, hexamita, discus, angel and cichlid disease and fresh and marine protozoans."

Kanacyn (Aquatronics) - "Full spectrum skin absorbing antibiotic that can be used for freshwater or marine fish. Indicated for use for hemorrhage, red body patches, rotting fin and tail, protruding or loss of scales, furunculosis, bacterial, fungal and internal infections."

Levamisole - ?

Maracyn (Mardel) - "Antibiotic (Erythromycin) tablets recommended for the treatment of body fungus, fin and tail rot, popeye and gell disease."

Maracyn-Two (Mardel) - "Antibiotic (Minocycline) tablets recommended for the treatment of popeye, gill disease, fin and tail rot, ddropsy, septicemia, secondary and internal infections."

Parasite Clear (Jungle Labs) - "Clears external and internal parasites such as flukes and flagellates."

Spectrogram (Aquatronics) - Ultra-wide spectrum antibiotic blend of nitrofurazone and kanamycin sulfate for community tanks. Indicated for abdominal bloat, red body patches, hemorrhage, white body slime, protruding scales, dropsy, bacterial and fungal infections, furunculosis and columnaris.

What do I do?! I know some meds aren't loach-safe so I don't want to make things worse.

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