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Common sense not so common apparently

Posted By: Obscured By Loaches <randallcamacho@hotmail.com>
Date: Sunday, 20 October 2002, at 11:45 p.m.

"Easy Balance" from Tetra & "chemi-Pure" from Boyd Enterprises. To good to be true ? Similar claims. Seems impressive and makes sense. Sense ? Yes, sense. Common sense (not so common). Because thats all we can use. Most of us that is. I study Mechanical Engineering. Want me to explain Perpectual Motion of The Second kind ? LOL. Did not think so. My point is that most of us go with the shit we read on the net or in these forums to help us in the hobby that we love so much. That is if you do not have a Masters in Chemistry, Biology or something similar. Dont fool yourself. Another thing is that even people with such knowledge can be fooled because of false claims from manufacturers. God help us all. And bless Bob and Basil for their achievements. Change water every week ? Why ? Ammonia and Nitrate levels are not even traceable. If you have a very large aquarium, would it not take longer for these poisons to rise ? So why change the water ? Why add Water with god knows what in it and different Ph levels and so on ? Even if you are rich and can use RO units for your new water, ha, what a joke, thats another story all together. Not all RO units perform 3 way purification and even if it does, fish need some of the stuff the RO unit just got rid of. Do i sound to negative ? Depressive ? Just seems to me that the few old Chinese men I know where i live know nothing about science and they have breed every possible known fresh water fish. I remember asking one about a UV Sterilizer and he did not even know what that is. Yet still he has eight Clown Loaches in an aquarium each over eight inches long he has had for about fifteen years. There is a great article in Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine (November) about the editor (a girl) raising sea horses and even breeding the when she was only eight years old, and that was about over twenty five years ago. So, please share your thoughts ? I guess I am writing this out of my own frustrations with my fish problems. Maybe I need some common sense. For those of you who like plants - www.aquagoods.com & www.vectrapoint.com

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