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Gareth: Salt and Clowns

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Friday, 18 October 2002, at 3:31 p.m.

Sorry to hear of your disaster, Gareth, but glad you have it under control.

I wanted to ask you:

I say a post in your disaster thread in which was mentioned salt treatment with clowns in the tank. I was once told clowns don't do well with salt, after I had once already started treating for ICH with salt for two days. Although my clowns seemed fine, the person who said that scared me, so I immediately did a 30% water change, then 6 hours later, did another 30% to dilute down the salt.

But, right now I've got a fungus problem that won't quit. The fungus is on my tiger barbs and a molly, and a couple of clowns haven't eaten in 7 days, and are moving rather slowly. No fungus or visual signs of any problems on the clowns, but the fungus on the barbs is getting worse. The first treatment I did was to dip the two barbs in a strong dose of Paraguard, when only they had very small evidence of the fungus. Following that, beginning 24 hours after the dip, I noticed the fungus on a molly. I began treating with Maracide, MarOxy, and Erythromycin. Last night, after 3 days treatment, I did a 30% water change, and retreated with MarOxy and the E.M. I'm no longer treating with Maracide.

Now, I remember awhile back seeing a light, white patch on a molly, and I hospitalized him for 8 hours with salt, and the fungus was gone. Now, I'm thinking maybe I should go with salt instead of the MarOxy and EM, which don't seem to be doing s#%t, although these two meds are supposed to take care of true fungus and columnaris, which looks like is bunch of b.s. But, rather than remove these fish who have been sick in the tank for a week, I'm thinking it would probably be best to treat them where they are, since treating them separately might help them, but if there's anything in the tank, they'll just get re-infected upon their return, not to mention the added stress of transporting them back and forth, expecially since they've already been under the weather for more than a week, you know what I mean?

The funny thing is that the fungus-ed fish are eating just fine, while those two un-fungus-ed clowns aren't. Go figure.

What do you think? Is salt safe to be added to the tank with the clowns, and a prize pleco in there? If so, do you think I should stop the MarOxy and EM treatment, and go only with salt? Is it safe to just leave what's left of the previous meds and just start using salt? Or, should I do ANOTHER 30% change before adding salt?

Thanks alot for ANY comments, as I am desperate.


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