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More Help with Bulbs

Posted By: peterinwa <peterinwa@attbi.com>
Date: Sunday, 13 October 2002, at 9:46 p.m.

I posted before and got good info from a number of you and have narrowed down what I want to do. But I'm still having trouble and need more help.

For my little old 10 gal which presently has two 15 watt incandescent clear bulbs I have decided not to get a new hood for florescent bulbs, or retrofit it for pin-type compact florescent (CF) bulbs. What I want to do is simply buy two CF bulbs that screw in like the incandescent bulbs.

Since I only have one live plant so far, this hasn't been a top priority. Today I finally went to a Home Depot (major home improvement chain with a huge selection of light bulbs) and... got really confused.

Here are some specific questions. I think Gareth and Mr Leadfoot have already found the bulbs I'm looking for:

1. What shape are they? Tubelike or like a standard bulb? They had something that looked right -- two u-shaped tubes -- but it had pins instead of screws.

2. I did find a bulb there in a lamp but they didn't have replacements. It had three u-shaped tubes and looked like it would fit. It said 6400k which is perfect. But it was 18 watts. Here I'm really confused.

Do I want two CF 15 watt 6400k bulbs? Watts in CF bulbs are usually equal to MUCH MORE in their equivalent in incondescent bulbs. So am I looking for two 15 watt CF bulbs or something much less powerful that equals two 15 watt florescent bulbs?

3. Also my incondescent bulbs are raising the temp of my tank by a few degrees during the day. Will the CF bulbs be as hot? Should I maybe raise my hood up a 1/4" to let outside air in? (There's glass under it so the fish won't get out.)

When I know what I'm looking for I'll make some phone calls to find a dealer.

Why is it that every day I feel like I know less? LOL and thanks for all your help.

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