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Posted By: greg <gregandeileen@juno.com>
Date: Saturday, 5 October 2002, at 11:52 p.m.

It seems the move was a great success, for two-legged persons and our finned friends. I only had them out of the tank for about 4.5 hours, but the Clowns were not happy!

Despite the use of tank-water to transport, a nice steady 84 degrees and airpumps with batteries, they were REALLY greyed out by the time I netted them to put them into the tank.

I did use the clove-oil anaesthesia trick netting them both out and back into the tank- very little thrashing, absolutely zero injuries, a huge success! They did sulk most of the day, but came out to watch the family eat dinner, when they showed off for us, so I guess we are forgiven!

The water here is liquid-rock. My old RO water, after rebalancing, sat at 6.8. I had to use tap-water to refill the tank (uck!!), the RO was not installed until 6:00 last night. The tap water tested at 8.2, and I did not want to shock the fish, so I added Seachem 7.0 "Balancer" to pull the Ph down.

I added the recommended 2 tbsp/10, waited and tested. Ph still sky-high, so I added 1 tbsp/10 more, waited, still sky-high, added another 1 tbsp/10, still sky high, so I quit! I shocked the tank with acid-balance and dropped the Ph to 7.2, finally, and put the fish in. I added 1 tbsp acid-balance every 6 hours to hold the Ph.

Today I started siphoning off that crappy water 5 gallons at a time and adding back the RO water (from the 20' of flex-hose) until full, wait 20 minutes, repeat. I had to run this cycle 6 times today before the Ph would hold a steady 7.0 without the acid-balance! Then I ran 5 more cycles to flush out all the chemicals and slowly drop the Ph to a perfect 6.8.

At this point I could finally scrub the white deposits off the top, and the fish came out and played, much more active. What a battle!

You must remember all my fish have lived in 6.8 water for up to 2.5 years, so even with "acclimating" it would have been a risk to dump them into a Ph of 8+ from 6.8 water, really asking for trouble! Tonight they were dancing and playing, and were very bright orange/red and extreme jet-black. A very good sign!

Anyway, the 200 gpd RO unit I had custom-made is a big hit. It pumps water out at a good rate, great for waterchanges. With all the white crud (minerals) on the tank in only 12 hours from the tap water, I am sure glad I run acidic water! Worth every single penny!

So, all the fish came through with no problems. The Clowns did sulk today, but that probably had a lot to do with the lousy water in the tank.

I did lose 1 neon- he died from severe trauma (a huge gouge in his front) and I cannot see how it happened. Oh well, a major move and the loss of 1 neon? Seems a good trade!

Oh, the UF and gravel (I drained it completely out but sealed with shrink-wrap to keep moist) seems to have come through with all the bio-bacterias in tact! I hit the tank with cycle yesterday PM and again this AM, and the water is clear, clear, clear and tests all "0's", so it seems the bacterias in the UF plates and gravel bed survived intact! I seem to have no more disturbance in the bacterias than when we do a major vacuuming every 2 weeks! GREG

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