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Posted By: greg <gregandeileen@juno.com>
Date: Wednesday, 11 September 2002, at 3:20 a.m.

The Pothos has been in for about 3 weeks now.One vine has grown about 8", the other 10"!! The way I potted it seems to have worked well, I thought I would share this.

Get some 2L soda bottles (plastic) and cut them off about 1/4" shorter than the depth of your gravel. Take a metal skewer (shish-kabob) and heat it red-hot over a gas burner. When it is red hot, start boring holes about 1/2" apart all around the container, in rows about 1/2 inch apart vertically. DO NOT put any holes in the BOTTOM or the bottom 3/4" of the sides. If you have UF plates, you do not want the roots to grow down/out into the plates, you want them to grow up/out. Forget this last if you do not have UF plates.

When done, place the rootball of the Pothos in the bottom of the container and pack solid with gravel. Set the rootball on the bottom or on the UF plates and mound the gravel around the stems to cover the edges of the bottle.

When the plant roots, the rootball will jam the gravel into a tight mass, so the whole planter will become a "weight". Mine are sending the roots up/out of the pots, not down, due to the way I set the root-holes.

All the holes allow slow flow through the container, but slow the water enough the roots are not bothered. Fish-waste collects right around the roots in the container, and I leave it there and vacuum around the container. The plants must be getting enough waste- the growth-rate is unbelievable.

This is one way to grow these. I did two this way and planted them at the base of the UF risers, wrapping the vine around the risers. New shoots from the bottom and new leaves on the stem have all but hidden the risers, it looks great! The plants have grown up the risers and out of the tank and are growing across the counter into the kitchen. A real "B" movie- attack of the killer Pothos!

This type of "pot" can be used for UF systems so you can grow tough plants like swords. I plan to add a large sword after we move, potted just like this, and some Java-Ferm on a piece of driftwood. With all the rock-formation, it already looks like an Amazon River, just wait until I get the sword and ferns in!! And I am going to try growing a small "lawn" of Java-Moss inside a shallow container, so I can just move it to vacuum.

I once had giant sags potted this way, but the roots rotted from lack of air/circulation. I think with the UF and a pot like this I will be able to grow anything tough.

Need to vacuum? just go around the pots! Then, about every 5-6 months, move the pots and vacuum under. The pots seem to be working great with the UF system!

And all the "experts" say you can't plant a tank with UF and powerheads! The longer I do this the more I enjoy showing the "experts" they don't really know squat! I am stubborn and cheap, and if there is a great way to do something without feeding the industry, I will find a way to do it! Own the hobby, don't let it own you!!GREG

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