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Posted By: greg <gregandeileen@juno.com>
Date: Saturday, 31 August 2002, at 2:04 p.m.

We just got a call-seems the offer for the house was accepted. SO we will be moving about an hour away.

I have never moved a large tank, so I am going to lay out my proposed move, and if you have any good advice, let me know. I can handle the logistics, it's the fish I am worried about.

The temp should be an even 80-85, no problem. I plan to have about 40 gals of RO water at the new place, ready to siphon into the tank, this will take about 5 minutes. Following is a time-line:

Zero hours- take down powerfilter, remove the Pothos and place in a 5 gal with water/snap lid, remove rock-structure, silk plants and pack with chemicals.

+15 minutes: Booze up fish with clove-oil and net/put in 10 gallon trash-can with lid and ammonia-sponge. I will "fast" the fish for 24 hours prior to transport. Turn off powerheads, remove and pack. Leave risers in tank.

+30 minutes: Siphon tank down leaving gravel just moist/cover with plastic and duct-tape airtight to stop evaporation.

+60 minutes: Load fish and gear on truck, at the back. Any info RE moving the tank with 110 lbs of gravel would be nice! I have nightmares of lifting the tank and the bottom-seams popping! this is a lot of stress- we will try to "slide" the tank onto a "coaster" w/o lifting, but input as to if the seams will withstand a lift would be nice!

+90 minutes: truck leaves

+140 minutes: truch arrives

+160 minutes: tank inside on stand/place airstone in with the fish.

+175 minutes: RO water 1/2 in tank/set rocks and heads/heater. Gravel "damp" about 3.5 hours at this point

+210 minutes: finish filling tank/heads and powerfilter on to clear the water/balance Ph, GH and KH

+270 minutes: water should be pretty clear/check Ph to match old water/fish in/fish out of tank about four hours at this point

+300 minutes: recheck/adjust Ph/GH/KH

this is pretty conservative- the gravel will have been "damp" about 2.5 hours, I hope the bacterias survive! The fish will have been "in the can' about 4 hours, the last 1-1.5 hours with an airstone. The temp will be no problem. I cannot dunp the fish right in- I belive they will be better off if I cycle the tank with the powerheads/powerfilter for at least an hour. this will allow time to match Ph/GH/KH and for the UF system to suck all the bacterias back into the gravel, and for the water to just about clear up.

The one point I am concerned about is RE lifting the tank with 110 lbs of gravel- if the seams flex, they will split! I will try to get a piano or other dolly to move (slide the tank on/off instead of lifting? but any info RE lifting is appreciated. A good tank, but it came with a warning to NEVER lift with water-load in the tank!! GREG


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