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Too Many Plants?

Posted By: Mr Leadfoot <leadfoot@sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wednesday, 21 August 2002, at 4:35 a.m.

Tonight, I noticed the Tiger Barbs and Mollies in my tank resting way up at the top of the tank shortly after lights out.

While they weren't gasping for air, it sure looked like they were breathing it.

I had done a water change about 6 hours earlier, but I keep a log of every thing I do with my tanks, and everything I did seemed normal.

A few days ago, I added more plants, and yesterday, I washed some others off in a bleach solution.

As you can see, alot of things went through my mind. I checked my 4 clowns, and they were all bunched up in a cave, as usual at that time of night, but they seemed to be breathing a little fast. Now, my clowns always start breathing faster whenever I go near the tank, but I was already wondering if something was wrong because of the behavior of the other fish.

The first thing I did was increase aeration to one of my two powerheads. You know what? The barbs and mollies almost immediately left the surface area, and started to hang out near the bottom, like they always do near bedtime. I watched for awhile, and the barbs started playing chase, and the mollies started roamin, as is customary for mine at that time of night.

Soon, the clowns came out, and started their own games, as well as schooled with the barbs for awhile, like they do when they're really happy.

Question: I've heard plants breathe CO2 during the light hours, and breathe oxygen at night. Is this true? If so, could it be that the addition of more plants made this more apparent? And, more importantly, should I just leave the aeration up all the time, or only turn it up at night?



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