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Hiding / Greying Loaches, and "Spines"???

Posted By: HockeyLoach <kjames121@comcast.net>
Date: Friday, 31 May 2002, at 5:01 a.m.

Ok. Some of you may know that I recently broke down and got 3 new clown loaches last weekend. 2 on Friday, and one on Saturday from different places. Anyway, I am currently treating for ICK. (RidIck+ every 3 or so days, 40% wather change, and water temp of 88F.) Anyway, Apparently the tank the first two came from had ick in it, as my freind had also gotten 2 loaches from the same place 2 days prior to me. One of his is now dead. I did notice just a few small white spots on both the new ones, but all the spots are now gone. It appears that I have successfully treated the ick, however, the water temps will remain high for another 4 days to make it an even 10 days.

Anyway, the third loach is a good bit smaller than the other two. The seemed to be getting on just fine, and would shool together and rove the sides of the tank, up and down and up and down.. and so on. Well, the 2 larger loaches have pretty much rmained "greyed out" ever since I got them. The smaller one however is not. His stripes are jet black. He is the one that comes out the most. The other two tuck themselves away and hardly EVER come out. Im just curious if anyone has had experience with this, and/or with them staying "greyed out" for extended periods of time. I never see the 2 larger ones eat either.

Another thing that starteled me last night when I was just closely inspecting the tank, was the small loach appeard to have 2 rather big white horns coming out from just under his eyes!!! It made him look almost like he had a big white mustache. Would these be the "spines" under the eyes of clown loaches I have heard about? If so, I take it they are retractable? I say retractable because after about 15 minutes I stepped away for less than a minute, and one of the "horns" had disappeard without a trace! Also, IF that is in fact what they are, the "spines", WHY were they out? Do they only break them out when they feel threatened or are defending themselves? Im just wondering because if that is the case than something must have provoked the little guy to break out the weaponry.

Anyway, does anyone know what Im talking about here? Or was I really just halucinating? Any help/ advice on the behavioral/ greying out thing, and the supposes spines would be appreciated! Thanks!

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