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New Loaches / Ich.. AND a comptability problem.

Posted By: HockeyLoach <kjames121@comcast.net>
Date: Saturday, 25 May 2002, at 10:50 p.m.

Hi there! Yesterday I FINALLY broke down and added 2 new clown loaches to my 25G community PLANTED tank. It contains 5 glass catfish, 12 Neon AND Cardinal tetras (6 each) and 4 zebra danios, and one Royal Clown Loach (Leptobotia elongata)

SO I got the new guys home and acclimated yesterday, and let them loose in thier new home.
The pretty much hid for the most part, occasionally moving around. They both "greyed out" but went back to black stripes after a few hours.

So I called my best freind to tell him about the new additions to my tank last night, and he tells me he just added a few more fish to HIS 25G, and that he now had ICH. He asked me where I got my clown loaches, and I told him, and he told me HE had gotten Clown loaches from the same place. So, I inspected the new loaches closer, and they do in fact have ICH. However, it is only like 2 white dots on one, and 3 on the other. He told me his are now coverd in it. My questions about that are... is it safe to use something like Rid Ich + on loaches? Is it safe to use anything with formaldahyde in it in a planted tank?

The second part of this dilema came about today. I decided to change out the main decoration ( a large plastic but very real looking, multi level rock formation) with 2 Lava Rocks. One big, one smaller. They both have have nice caves in them , and make very nice decore as well. Anyway, The Roal clown Loach noticed the other two this morning before I did this, and was rather mean to them, especially one in particular. After changing out the decorations/ living spaces, He kept up this behavior and was terrorizing both new loaches, again, one in particular, chasing this one all around the tank, top to bottom, and hitting him with his head and trying to snap at his dorsal fin. The one clown loach became very visably distraught and was violently shaking and sivering, and was a VERY pale grey. His dorsal fin was clamped tightly to his body. The Royal Clown loach was no where NEAR as big as the two new clown loaches. After several hours of this I got fed up, and took out the Royal Clown Loach. He is now residing in a mason jar until I can figure out what to do with him. In the past few hours since he has been evicted, the other two Clown loaches are now MUCH happier and swimming all about and playing with one another. No more cowering in the corners or in caves. I had heard that Royal Clown loaches were not aggressive , but could be very territorial. Well, this guy just became too much. I think he would have killed at least one of them had I left him in there overnight. Does anyone else have any experience with Royal Clown Loaches and or mixing them with regular clown loaches? It did not seem to work for me. I guess I will take the Royal I have up to the LFS and trade him in for another regular clown loach tomorrow. Its a shame becuase I liked him. Even though he NEVER came out. I saw him maybe once a week if that. There WERE 2 of them, but one disappeard. No sign of it anywhere, and NOTHING on the floor near the tank or even within 5' of the tank. Oh well. Ive had him for a year now and hes been fine. I hope someone will take him and give him a good home. Any thoughts?? Thanks for any repsonses!

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