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Something went horribly wrong...

Posted By: Gareth Dominy <gdominy@canada.com>
Date: Sunday, 28 April 2002, at 7:55 p.m.

I really don't know what happened here so I'm open to ideas.

I went to do my weekly gravel vac and I could tell right away that something was really off. The water being sucked through my gravel vac smelled AWFULL. And I mean really, really terrible. Its only been a few days (4) since I stirred up the gravel so I really don't know what caused this. I did a massive gravel vac/stir and water change and everybody in the tank immediately came out and was more active (they had been really lethargic, what had prompted me to look around). I watched closely for the day and was confident that everything had settled down.

Its been a few days, but now the tank has another problem. It "looks" like there isnt enough oxygen in the water. I can't test this, but all the fish this mornig were gasping at the water line, my crab was dead, snails out of the water, and my shrimp was clinging to the spraybar of my aquaclear.

I dropped my water level down a few inches to let the aquaclears spraybar actually spray into the tank to increase surface agitation. THen I added an airstone that has been running ever since. Now, the fish look fine. THey are all over the water column again (like they are supposed to), the snails are back in the water, and the shrimp moved back to his cave.

What on earth did I do to the tank? Is it possible that when I did the massive gravel stir I started a bacterial bloom? That would account for suddenly having less O2 in the water. This is just odd, I still don't know what befouled the gravel (seeing as there hadn't been any tank deaths or changes).

Any idea's would really be fantastic because I am at a total loss.


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