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Pssssst! Want some rare Hillstreams?

Posted By: Martin Thoene <past1@sympatico.ca>
Date: Sunday, 21 April 2002, at 6:27 p.m.

Below is a paste of the mail I sent yesterday and the reply I got today........

"Dear Sirs,

my wife and I were in conversation today with one of the staff at The Menagerie Petshop in Parliament Street, Toronto, Ontario. We were asking if they had ever had the Coral Red Pencilfish in stock.


We were informed that they had and that they may have been supplied by your company. My wife is eager to own this species and we were wondering if it would be possible to order them again through the Menagerie Petshop?

Also, I am extremely interested in obtaining Homaloptera orthogoniata:


I see that you are now importing S E Asian fish and wonder if it is possible to obtain this species or if you have, or can get any other species of the Balitorid (Hillstream Loaches) family?

Hillstream Loaches are my fishkeeping passion (see my article)
http://www.loaches.com/hillstream_loaches.shtml and there are certain species that I would love to own.

I look forward to your reply.

Martin Thoene, Toronto.


I am out of the red pencils at the moment, but I do usually have them in stock.

Here are the loaches on my Asian transshipping list at the moment. The problem is that in Toronto there are no stores able to buy these fish in box lots and I do not import smaller quantities than my minimums. At times I have had more than 30 Homaloptera species available but I have had yet to sell a single one in North America. The only loach I usually stock is sidthimunki, so I am afraid I am unable to help unless you can take a box lot of the loaches.
30x Botia sp. Blind loach
150x Botia sidthimunki
100x Botia nigrolineata
50x Homaloptera zollingeri
50x Homaloptera sp.
50x Homaloptera smithi
50x Schistura balteata

Kind regards,
Oliver Lucanus
Montreal, Canada

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? So SOMEWHERE on the North American continent there are or have been masses of interesting Hillstreams plus other Loaches, but it appears there is no demand for them????

'Course, we know different!!!

I'm going to talk with the guy who orders fish at The Menagerie and see if he's prepared to get fish in on a special order basis from Oliver. The minimum numbers may create a problem, because the shop itself is only small, however, he does get in various species of fishy wierdage that no other shops around here ever get, so he might be prepared to order if he knows he can sell a good batch of them to one customer.



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