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Disastrous epidemic among loaches

Posted By: JT <fluctuations@hotmail.com>
Date: Thursday, 18 April 2002, at 12:38 a.m.

Something terrible happens among my loaches. four of my loaches - striata, yo-yo, schistura savona, and a unknown one (caudipunctata, i guess), all become very ill in these two days. they have the following symptoms:

1. usually the tips of the barbels are supposed to be "sharp", but right now there is some kind of tiny "bulb/lump/blister" attached to each tip of the barbel of the sick laoches.

2. They all breath rapidly and don't like to swim out. also they looks agitated and twists around in their hiding places.

3. caudipunctata's mouth has a dark/red edge.

4. yo-yo's skin has some abrasion/flakes.

The rest of the loaches look ok right now. it does not seem to affect corys, rams and other cichlids, although i am not definitely sure about that. I put those sick loaches into an isolation tanks, and change 50% of main tank water.

well, it does not look like ich or fungus, so hope someone can idnetify the disease for me. The symptom 1 is very unusual to me. :( The gravel is not dirty. so...?

p.s. The tank is not newly established.
p.s. Those loaches have stayed in my tanks for over 6 months

the tank parameters are:
T ~ 78 to 80 F
Nitrite lower than 0.05 ppm
Ammonia is lower than 0.25 ppm
PH ~ 6.2 to 6.5

1. change 15%-20% of water every 10 days or two weeks.
2. one Terta Whisper 1 and one Tetra Whisper E filter for the 25 gallon tank.
3. aerated under-gravel filter.
4. do the partial gravel vacuum during water change.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!!


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