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Posted By: Cybermeez <cybermeez@aol.com>
Date: Monday, 8 April 2002, at 6:18 p.m.

There are little fish eggs in my tank!! This is the first time EVER that one of my fish has made any attempt to reproduce!! This is so cool!!

Ok....now that I've shared this blessed event with my pals here, what the h**l do I do next?? I'm not sure who laid them, but there are about 8 of them, they white and attached to the leaves of my plastic plants. To keep them from getting eaten I detached the portions of the plants that had eggs and put them in a breeder net in the tank. I left the rest of the plants where they were because I don't know who laid them the eggs and, since there were so few, if she's done yet.

Here's the low down on my tank and who lives in it:

30g with good filtration and a UV

2 Cory Trilineatus
2 Adolfos Cories
2 Otos
6 Neons
2 Zebra Plecos
1 Clown Pleco (so it's definitely not him)
4 Clown Loaches

Temp=81.5 F
Last water change: 50% 4 days ago.

Any ideas who the parent's might be? Also, how do I care for the eggs while they are developing and how do I raise any resulting fry?

Thanks Guys!


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