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Chain reaction between clowns

Posted By: Lester Lim <limtansc@singnet.com.sg>
Date: Tuesday, 2 April 2002, at 6:41 a.m.

The small clowns are brave but they never go any where without the big clowns... the big clowns stay in their cave all day waiting for me to insert the pvc pipe into the opening and feed them sinking food, bloodworms, algae warfers...

Now I put the food further and further away from the cave each day by a cm a week to hope they would come out more often...

Anything would make the bigger clowns more outgoing in the day ? I know food aint gonna work on them... they have big stomachs every morning i see them at around 6 am...

Do you think switching the lighting to actinci blue lightning might help ?

It might be the current from all my 4 filters as i have 2 external and 2 internal servicing my 4 ft by 2 ft by 2ft tank which they have lived for about 2 weeks already ? The current outflow is 3000 gallons per hour... maybe it is too strong ? However there is no stiring and i think the current is just a little to strong but not too strong as the java moss and java fern are not being blown too violently, just gently. I thought it was good for them ?

Also, the big ones know that dry food is more nuitrious i think and go for the dry food before the worms...maybe they are just lazy to fight for the worms with the smallies.

Oh, and recently, my largest clown went berserk and went on a pecking spree, pecking everyone in his cave and even the small ones...thank goddness he did not eat the small 3 inched ones...he also refused to share his cave for a few days...but the corys managed to negotiate for their poor loach brothers... and soon they were as usual.

Should I remove my sailfin pleco ? He is getting larger and i guess he would soon rival my second largest loach...he is now about 8 inches long...he is also rivalling the clowns for food too and he shits alot...

Now there are just 5 cories together with 15 clowns, the flying foxes all died by the intake skimmer... Their body parts got litterally sucked out when they got stuck in the eheim surface skimmer...scary and the entrails were disgusting, i had to remove them by hand..... EEEEEEeeeeeeee

20 fishes in a 125 gallon tank... I hope they would be happy as i do not think i would get a larger tank anymore... I will just keep it 2 tanks for the momment, a 4 foot and a 3 foot

The 3 foot is the empty at the momment, i haven had any lucky with plant except java moss and ferns. Maybe i could keep some other loaches like the Mora loach aka skunk loach ? or Modestas aka red tailed blue loach ? or maybe historicas... i love historicas :) but i do not see them anywhere in singapore at the momment...AVAnt....help me :)

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