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ICH meds for clown loaches

Posted By: Shane <ssstewart4@attbi.com>
Date: Wednesday, 13 February 2002, at 4:17 p.m.

I bought 3 new clown loaches 10 days ago. They are about 1" long each. I have them in a 20 US gal tank for quarantine. I noticed ICH on one of them about 4 days ago and started treatment with Formalite 2. I have since noticed ich on one other as well. I have treated with the meds twice now and the loaches are very active and have very good color, they appear unaffected by the meds or the ich.

I have read the ICH section of LOL and also searched old threads but did not find any answer as to which meds are the most effective. I got this one on the reomendation of my LFS. I have never in 4 years and 8 other loaches had ich in a tank so I dont have any experience with this.

I normally keep the qtine tank at 82F but have now turned it up to 84F. This tank is cycled and tests show 0 amonia, 0 nitrite, and <10 ppm nitrate. I normally do 20% water changes daily on a quarantine tank but now with the meds have decided on 50% weekly.

I have decided to treat as per instructions(1 drop for each gallon, every other day), but instead of stoping after 3 treatments to do a 50% water change and then treat again for 3 treatments(5 days) and then change water and treat again ect...for 20 days. does this sound reasonable?

I need other recomends on meds, is Formalite II good?

Is there more I should do to treat this?

What do you think of my thoughts on treatment?


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