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Re: new loaches with ich

Posted By: Cybermeez <cybermeez@aol.com>
Date: Friday, 11 January 2002, at 9:40 p.m.

In Response To: new loaches with ich (Robin)

Here's what I recommend you do to cover all your bases: 1) Add an air stone to increase oxygen turnover in the tank and medicate with Quick Cure. It's a good medicine and will wipe out the Ich while not being overly hard on the bio filter or your fish. It's a combination of malachite green and formalin. This combination of medicines (with salt) is the most effective in my experience. However, because of the malachite green, Loaches, Tetras, Plecos and other catfish need a lower dosage than other types of fish. Use 1 drop per each 2 gallons of water (that's 1/2 the full dose) every 12 hours (twice a day) for 10 days.

Also add 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt (pre dissolved) per each 5 gallons of water. The only time you add more salt is to replace what is removed during a water change. During treatment you should do a 50% water change every other day, adding the correct amount of salt to the new water.

What's the temperature of the water right now and what lives in the tank with your Loaches? If the water is already pretty warm and you donít have fish that would be adversely affected by the heat, Iíd also suggest boosting the water temp. to 86 degrees F. You donít want to go up too fast, so increase the temp by 2 degrees a day until itís up to 86.

I've been through this myself with my Clown Loaches and I wish I had this experience and knowledge when my fish first got sick. I was unduly concerned about using a medication containing malachite green on my fish and I instead had to learn by trial and error. I went through countless other treatments that didnít completely eradicate the Ich, so it just kept coming back.

Also keep your eyes on them for internal parasites. One of mine had them in combination with the Ich and he was harder to cure as a result. If you think they do have internal parasites you can treat some Hikari frozen bloodworms with Discomed and that should do the trick.

Good Luck!
(another) Robin


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