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"Dream Tank"

Posted By: Joe Loach <jloach@onlinetoday.com>
Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2001, at 12:23 a.m.

I usually take my time in planning projects. For example, it took me a few years of sketches, dreaming, planning, and talking to others before I constructed a vegetative filter.

Right now, I've been thinking about what my "dream tank" would look like. This wouldn't be something too far fetched...something I could actually pull off and be very pleased with. I want some sort of vegetative filtration with this as well (that's where the big dreaming may take a while), but I'm narrowing down what the tank itself would look like at this time.

The largest tank I've ever had has been a 90 (a Plexiglas tank that was flawed when built and had a seam blow out in my living room). I now have an 80 gal Plexiglas tank that I've had forever and a day.

I was with my son at Children's Hospital at the University of Washington in Seattle some years back. There they have many huge aquariums. The one that really captivated me was extremely long. I don't remember exactly how long it was. I paced off the distance and was quite impressed. I think it was something like 15 - 20'. Not terribly tall, but very long. I REALLY liked that look, being that I've always been a catfish and loach nut -- those bottom dwellers!!! Gotta love 'em!!!

I'm looking into getting either a glass or Plexiglas aquarium sometime next year and retiring my 80. I've haven't been able to make up my mind just actually what I want.

I like the idea of it being about 8' long. This provides the long length I like, and could yet be lit by 2 - 8' bulb or 4 - 4' bulbs. How wide? While I enjoy having the fish out front (like with a 12-18' width), I've also liked what I seen from tanks that have more depth -- like 24-30". I think I'd like a depth of 24" when all is said and done. The one item that I've been undecided about is the height.

Having it lower (12-16") might be a way to go. Then I see these 24" tall tanks and wonder if I should go in that direction. I know all of this is personal preference, but what would you folks do if it were you?

If you could have a tank built for you that was 96" long and 24" from front to back, how tall would you make it and why? Would you stay shorter, or go taller?

Additional notes: I hope to have it fully planted with simple plants like Java Moss and Java Fern with plenty of drift wood, a thin layer of sand with a few small river rocks for substrate.

I would transfer my fish from the 80 into this tank. 96"X24"X16" = 160 gal 96"X24"X24" = 240 gal.


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