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Help me again ( about G. Punctulatus )

Posted By: Matt <jejaka_segak_kacak_lagi_menarik@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Saturday, 29 September 2001, at 2:18 p.m.

Okay martin,
I'm apologizing because I didn't follow your advice, however, I bought the Gastromyzon punctulatus and there were 9 of these cuties left in the dealers tank and they cost me nearly US$10 ( cheap or what? ).

But I did take your advice about keeping them in an established tank ( the tank i used to keep the knifefish and birchirs ). When I got home, I noticed some of these fish are paler and some are darker than what I usually see on the net. One even had white pacthes over the normal black spotted over olive brown background.

I'm sure this is not a discoloration caused by disease becos it have the blotches in a symmetrical pattern ( one white patch over the right gillside, one over the left gillside, etc ). But what I want to know is, Is it something to worry about the color variation? I would be glad if you can help me out on this.

And I tried feeding them frozen bloodworm but the current ( cause by a 1800Litre/Hour internal pump and 1 9800 airpump using 2 airstones ) kept the bloodworms out of reach of the cuties. I'm not sure if they are feeding or not because since I put them in the tank they just cling on the glass and looks like they're grasing on the glass ( but I dont have algae growing on my glass ) and at times they're darting about accross the glass panel. I know this indicates that they're looking for food. So how do I feed them?

My tank temperature is at 31* celcius ( the normal temperature for tropical climate as i'm in asia right now, and they dealer's tank must be higher than my aquarium, because it is about 8 inches tall and about the size of a normal 2.5' aquarium with just one airstone providing current and oxygen. And also it is exposed to sunlight. But mine is an indoor ( not exposed to sunlight whatsoever as my room is totally dark ) 3' x 1.5' x 1.5' long with a 1800Litre/Hour internal pump and 1 9800 airpump using 2 airstones. So does this provide enough oxygen for them? And is it possbile for the fish to be acclimatized to high temperature within the two week stay at the dealers tank?

I'm keeping them ( temporarily with 4 small, as in 2 inches long, angelfish until the next two days ) and they actively avoid from being approached by the angelfish, is this a good sign? Please say so because the gastromyzon is my dream fish, apart from freshwater soles, which is very rare and not to mention very expensive.

Speaking of freshwater soles, I want to share an experience of mine. Please read this and hopefully this kind of things will never happen to you. I had some marine soles which i caught while i was at a beach. It took me almost 3 months to acclimatise them to freshwater ( by reducing the salinity by adding freshwater and reducing the saline water ). When i got them, there were 13 of them ( all about 3-4" long ). Only 9 made it through the acclimatization process. The the time came for me to release them into the tank i intended to keep them. The only resident of the tank was an algae eater that was 4 inches at the time, so i didn't think the algae eater would do any harm to my soles. 6 hours later all of my soles were dead. The algae eater apparently had "grazed" the scales of my soles. So there, my lesson learnt the hard way.


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