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need advice on setting a new tank for hillstream

Posted By: Matt <jejaka_segak_kacak_lagi_menarik@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Thursday, 27 September 2001, at 2:48 p.m.

Okay, before anyone goes, we already had publish tonnes of articles about this, my new tank ( just bought two just now 4'x 1.5 x 1.5' ). One is to be a carnivor tank ( clown knife, birchir, wallago attu, and alligator gar ) and the other is to be a community tank for river biotope ( this is where your help is needed ).
There's a place that sells gastromyzon puntulatus for about RM3 and i was thinking about keeping them. Now can anyone tell me how to:

1. keep the aquarium water cool with any addtional costs?

2. the suitable layout for my aquarium size.

3. is powerful water movement is mandatory?

4. what can i keep as tankmates?

5. how many fish is too many for my tank?

6. what to feed and how to feed them ( gastromyzon puntulatus and kin )?

7. can i use oxygen crystals ( the kind that people put in airtight bottles and for keeping small fish in airtight container ) to boost my water oxygen level ?

8. must it be a planted tank?

9. how long should i wait before i can even start to keep the gastromyzon species becos i know normal fish need mature water ( at least left standing for 1 week ) but these cuties are more than your average fish, right? I'm rushing here, becos the fishes arrived last 2 weeks ago and i think most of them will reach the point of no turning back ( transport trauma, drastic temperature change trauma, stravation, etc. ) So please hurry guys, an aquariumful of cuties at stake here ;).
well that's all for now, becos i'm going to clean the pebbles i've got.... so much work... so much work ;).


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