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Ich is back!! - Aquari-sol??

Posted By: Bob Mosher <bobmosh@rochester.rr.com>
Date: Monday, 17 September 2001, at 8:41 a.m.


I hope this posting finds you well...

Well, the almighty ICH is back in my tank for a second time!! This is SOOO frustrating because I was trying to be so careful this go around. To make a long story short, Ich wiped out my last band of clown loaches and I had hoped to avoid this again, but it's back. Here's the situation with some questions:

1 - I have 4 loaches which I bought 2 weeks ago. They had had ich at the LFS, according to the owner shortly after he got them in, BUT said that they had been "ich free" for 3 weeks prior to buying them. I had been visiting the store for a while and watching this batch, so I think he's being pretty straight up with me.

2 - I'm starting to raise the temp to 85 as of this morning (just spotted the condition last night) and put in a treatment of Aquari-sol.

3 - Any experts on Aquari-sol out there?? The bottle talked about 12 drops per 10 gallons a day until it clears. There isn't any mention of removing the charcoal. Should I???? Should I cut the dose in 1/2??

4 - There's also no mention of vacuuming. I always hear mention of water changes and vacuuming every day after each treatment. The last time I had this problem I BLEW my biofilter a part and it took me a while to get it back. I'm a bit leery about "over vacuuming" and screwing up my bio filter in my gravel. Is that possible?? How much should I vacuum and how much water should I remove at a time???

5 - My understanding of this disease is that it lives on them and then falls off??? (sorry for the VERY simple understanding)into gravel and the like in the tank where it continues to grow. My clowns live inside a castle decoration that would "hold" anything that might fall off them. Do you recommend I take it out and clean it?? I'm afraid of stressing them too much by rocking their world right now, BUT I also know I have to get this out of there.

I've been observing these guys every day (when they come out of hiding) and think I've caught this early. I HOPE to be able to get them through it....

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated...



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