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One of those BB type days :p

Posted By: Martin Thoene <gkadar@direct.ca>
Date: Sunday, 2 September 2001, at 9:05 p.m.

We have a new carpet. We have a new 6 foot tank. We have to move half the apartment around in order to lay the carpet, so why the heck not do everything at once?

Sounded like a good idea to me on a Labour-Day weekend with extra willing hands around to help.
Momfish decides "Whatever" and decides to come along for the ride (nightmare ;)), so we start moving the huge couches around after I've washed 3 big bags of sand and put them in the tank.

There's a 30 gallon tank that's stopping us just laying the carpet straight down, plus underlay to line up and cut, so we decide to get the carpet layed along the opposite wall and then get it down up to the tank. Then the plan is to drain down the tank, pick it up bodily and lay the carpet, then return the tank to it's position.

But more of that later..............

Yesterday I put the Synodontis congicus in about 10 gallons of water in a muck-bucket, and drained down the partially-filled 6 footer. After we moved it onto the new cabinet stand, I siliconed the cork bark to the back and put in 2 "tree trunks" of cork.

This morning all that was set, so we decided that we could set up the tank. Mr Synodontis was in his bucket and had to be moved in order to lay the carpet. I picked up the bucket and Momfish got the Fluval. I suggested we dump it in the hallway because there is a power point in the Bathroom there. So we put down the bucket, position the filter hook up the power to it and the heater and get stuck into furniture removals, and carpet laying again.

Several minuites later Momfish goes down the hallway and hears the Fluval making those lovely Fluval "sumptin' ain't right" noises.

She screams (really!)and utters some "interesting" expletives! The return pipe from the filter has somehow fallen out the bucket and dumped probably 8 to 10 gallons of water right up the hallway.......the parquet floored hallway!!

Momfish: "The Hallway??? What about going into the bedrooms, eh Martin???"

OK, the bedrooms too :( So we needless to say go into our Holy Shoot! Rapid Response Dump As Many Towels As Humanly Possible On The Floor As Quick As We Can Then Wring Them Out Into A Muck Bucket Except The Towels Are So Big You Can't Actually Wring Them Out Properly And Your Wife Is Having A Nervous Breakdown And Threatening Terminating You
And Your Relationship Until You Remind Her That Accidents Do Happen.

Momfish: "Yeah, I'll accidentally wring your neck."

(Intake of breath). SOoooooooooo you Carry On Like A Demented Being And Suddenly The Sweat's Pouring Off Your Brow But You Carry On Regardless
Until Suddenlyyyyyyyyy.......You notice that now most of the water is back in a bucket (or in the huge pile of soggy towelling).

Momfish: "Ah, listen to him. The author of his own demise and he's whining. And 'soggy' ain't the word for it. Try absolutely sodden!"

Then one of Momfish's Daughters says that "At least you got the floor washed Mom!" Mom, by then is beyond caring and doesn't react quite as she normally would to sarcasm, but I laughed anyway :O

Eventually we DID get the floor dry, got the carpet layed, moved the 30 and replaced it.

THEN...Momfish decides that the rug we were replacing would fit in another available space of open floor, so MORE furniture needs moving.......Sheesh!

So of course we did it because by now we were sorta getting into the swing of this and having so much fun :)

Momfish: "Scuse me but who unloaded the bookshelves and re-loaded them afterwards? You??? I think not. Martin's already got the 'poor suffering husband role' down pat. Anyway, all this rigamorole was because of HIM. HE wanted the place to look better. We already got used to looking as though we are 'permanently temporarily' housed."

But didn't you WANT to do that bookshelf yourself because Alex and I screwed up the order of Dr. "Wanna be an ordered Librarian" Momfish's other bookshelf when we moved that? Hmmm?

Eventually after working all day the carpet is down the apartment looks absolutely great and we got the 6-footer running...lights,heat,filters the lot. Put the Syno in too. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed he doesn't jump out because he has some desire to act like Flipper on occasion.

Just thought we would share a normal day in a fish-keeping couple's life :)

Momfish: "Man oh man. Are you ever verbose!"

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