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ich and weather loach

Posted By: Trai <landscaper@erols.com>
Date: Sunday, 2 September 2001, at 12:24 a.m.

Ok all, I will be the first to admit to utter ignorance when I got my tank. That was about 7 months ago.

Let me explain: I got a 75gal. tank, put in 2 angels (2 silver), a half beak, 3 red brick swordtails, 3 green barbs, 2 african (?) gobies and a mini puffer. The puffer got stuck in my filter, puffed up, popped himself and died the first day. The one goby got sucked in to the filter the other just died. I replaced them with a better goby, not poisonous and much cuter. Then two swords died, the females. My male is scrappy, he has survived whatever killed them. I then got one more angel (marble), a gar (which I recently found out is NOT compatible with the rest of the fish), a weather loach (which I thought was called a golden dojo) and a pleco. The gar promptly ate 2 of the 3 green barbs and then killed my half beak. He was promptly separated from the rest of the fish.

I got tiger barbs to replace the lost green barbs. there are now six barbs all together. I replaced the two female swords and got a striped rafael catfish. All was going well until....WALMART FISH. 5 silver dollars and also bought something else. Yep, ich.

The two female swords died. So, all in all, I have in the 75 gal. 3 angels, one goby, the weather loach (we call him "Dojo"), the rafael ("Rafael"), 1 male sword, 5 tigers one green barb, and a pleco. The gar and 5 silvers are in other tanks. Well, 2 silvers. 3 died already.

So, I tried treating all tanks for the ich, then found out that I may be killing my loach...AAAAAAAAAAAAACH. Ok, now that I know more, have done research, and realize that I may not have water compatible fish, and am at the heartbreaking realization that I will have to let go of some of them in trades with the aquarium store - I find out that my loach (who is one of my all time faves) may be getting sick from ich treatment.

Please please please, can someone help me? I need to know more about the loaches. I can let go of the barbs...I can even stand to part with the sword and the pleco. But I love Dojo...he's so cute! Only he hides all of the time. And he doesn't like me touching him. Not at all like I've been reading about them.

Ok, water conditions: at 80 deg. now due to ich. pH is 7.0 or there abouts. 0 ammonia, and as far as the nitrate/nitrite test kit goes, it had to wait until after rent to be bought, which will be tomorrow hopefully.

Look, I'm sorry for the long post, I just felt I needed to explain. I know that I should have done more research on the fish, but at the time I didn't know that. I went on the word of the guy at the store I bought them at. Now I may be killing them and I feel horrible. I know very little about this...I had no idea it was so involved. Please can someone please explain to me in idiot terms what I can do to save them?

*slapping myself silly for being so stupid*


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