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Schistura contaminents

Posted By: BB <nettech@bellatlantic.net>
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2001, at 2:17 a.m.

kessleri seems closest but still not quite accurate. I'm not in a rush since they are still small and not breeding ;). A half dozen accompined an import from Pakistan of botia almorhae seven months ago (at the end of the season). I believe I have seen them since selling as "golden loach". How descriptive ;P. The truth of it is the color varies depending on where/what they are on as seen on the one defending the lace rock from wouldbe attackers versus the image taken of a specimen in the open flats of the tank. I use the term defending very loosely since the six specimens in a 46 flatback are peaceful to the point of being comical. Live feedings (especially cylops or brine) cause a feeding frenzy in the column. They are a very agile and quick little loach ..then again most schistura are when small. The fins are colorless (no dark sport in the dorsal at the base or the first ray) but there is a small dark spot on the caudal peduncle. Most recently it appears that one specimen in particular may be on the precipice of contradicting me on the colorless finage observation. Just a hint of an inpregnation of brown spots. I blink, it swims away. I curse and it begings again until I convince myself I did see it ;P. Long barbels reaching down as they pearch on their fins is a common sight. They do seem to enjoy the company of their own so if you run across them try to buy buddies. A pleasent surprise. They feed in the column and route through the substrates surface and will process live or prepared foods though the old "they prefer live foods" is a given. Since I am not exactly what they are I started with neutral water and a subtrpical temperature with a better then average flow. Gradually I am bumping up the conductivity of the water and reducing the waterflow with the theory that they may be one of the sub species of kessleri. It is little more then an experiment as they have done well in water from the tap and ultimatley once I play around a bit it is where they will be maintained at.



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