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New loach tank setup... can u help?

Posted By: Ryan <hutchindestruct@hotmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2001, at 4:18 a.m.

I'm contemplating starting a 48" tank when my family moves house in October, as I currently have a small 20 liter tank with 2 angelfish in it (it used to contain a lot more tankmates...I found out that the shop i bought the tank from was not good at giving beginners advice on OVERSTOCKING tanks....) that's really just wet my appetite for aquarium keeping :)
I really do love the way clown loaches look and play around in the tanks, and I really want to include them in my new tank display. I would just like to ask anyone's advice on a number of issues...
Firstly, I really like the look of the Tiger Barb, (must be the stripes) and i was wondering if you had an opinion as to whether the two species would be good tankmates? Are Kuhli loaches considered good tankmates for clowns as well?
What would be your advice for setting up a brand new SE Asian style tank from scratch. I've learnt my lesson from my first tank that aquariums need quite a lot of planning. Could you tell me what sort of filtration u recommend, tankmates that live well with clowns, types of plants that would be ideal, and the type of decor (ie bamboo, rocks, caves etc) that would make all occupants happiest? On a budget of about $500 aussie dollars... ($250 US)
Thank you very much.


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