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Re: Bob, how are they doing?

Posted By: cybermeez <cybermeez@aol.com>
Date: Friday, 6 July 2001, at 12:26 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Bob, how are they doing? (Bob Mosher)

Sounds as if the medication you're using at the moment is killing off your biological filter. Good bacteria may have also been colonizing your carbon so removing it may have taken some of the bacteria away.

What is the water temperature set at? What else is in the tank besides the Clowns? If you have fish that can take it, I'd gradually over a few days bring the tank up to 80 degrees F, the warmer temp speeds up the parasites' life cycle and boosts the fishes' immune system. When brining up the temp I'd also add an air stone to keep the oxygen level up.

When you're at the pet shop getting the Chem-Marin I'd get a few other things to help as well: Ammo Lock2 (ammonia neutralizer), Cycle (bacteria culture) and MelaFix (all natural and helps fend off secondary bacterial infections before they start).

First do a 50% water change to bring the ammonia and nitrites down. Add the Ammo Lock2 to the tank (the dosage and how often you should use it is on the bottle) to immediately neutralize any remaining ammonia. You will still have positive results when you do ammonia tests but the Ammo Lock converts it into a non-toxic form.

Dose the tank with the Cycle and continue with it as the instructions direct. It contains good bacteria and certainly won't hurt matters.

Once you have the new water in there, run some new carbon in the filter, or a chemical absorbing poly filter pad, for a few hours to take out any remnants of the previous medication. Leave any other filter media as is, it's one of the main places the good bacteria lives.

Next, remove the carbon and add the Chem-Marin and MelaFix. The Chem-Marin is given twice a day and the MelaFix once a day.

Keep a close eye on the water chemistry because Chem-Marin is slightly acidic and can lower your pH. If you use a 7.0 pH buffer (I do and recommend it) in your tank it should hold things steady for a few days and you can add some more when it begins to drop.

When you do a water change I suggest doing it via gravel siphoning. The ich cysts when not on the fish live in the substrate of the aquarium. Vacuuming the gravel will help reduce their numbers by sucking them of them out of the tank.

Also keep in mind that ich can be spread from tank to tank on your nets and other equipment, as well as hands that have been in the infected aquarium without being rinsed off.

You may also want to check in with the Urgent Care Officer over at the CompuServe Fish Forum I told you about. They've gotten me out of more than one fishy jam in the past and can guide you through the treatment process.

Good luck. I hope everyone gets well soon!

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