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Anyone have any Royal Clown Loaches?

Posted By: Ken <kjames@obscure.org>
Date: Tuesday, 3 July 2001, at 12:24 p.m.

Ok... first off id like to thank everyone that responded to my Sick Weather Loach Post!

I also have 2 Royal clown loaches wich I had gotten just last friday. I guess I never paid much attention to them because they never came out. They hid all the time! Well, I think they have gotten over thier shyness.

These guys are a RIOT! Ive never seen more playful fish ever. They did however have a dispute about who gets to live in the nice big dark cave under the rock formation.

They would both go in there and try and try and try to push one another out, turning eathcother overver, chasing, and flailing around. Now they live pretty much at peace. The larger one seems to have established his dominance. They did grey out slightly druing the territorial dispute, but they are very colorful now. They still spar, especially around feeding time.

The smaller one seems to display submisson to the bigger one. Whenever they spar, they kinda suck on eachothers sides. The smaller one rolls over and lays on his side as if to say "OK YOU WIN". And they LOVE to play chase around the bottoms fo the rock formation. The smaller one seems much more active than the larger one, but they are BOTH VERY active. The seem to know when I am there. ITs like they play hide and seek with me. Theyll run and hide.. then try to sneak up to the glass without me seeing them... hiding behind plants or the rock formation.. eventaully they come right up to the glass. But any sudden movemets and theyre off in circles again, but quickly come back out.

Does anyone have any of these? I have NEVER seen these untill I went to a NEW lfs store. ( I quit going to the one I had bee, see SICK WEATHER LOACH POSTS)

Their coloration is beautiful! It resembles a tiger. They arent the classing oragne color w/ balck, they are GOLD! Gold w/ black tiger stripes. I got the 2 smallest ones, and from what I saw in the tank, they get pretty darn big!

Id love to hear from anyone who has some of these, or just some fun antics of clowns in general!


~ Ken ~

Happy fish make happy fish keepers!!!

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