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Followup RE: Sick Weather Loach.

Posted By: Ken <kjames@obscure.org>
Date: Sunday, 1 July 2001, at 1:22 p.m.

Hello Everyone.

Id like to thanks everyone that contributed for all thier kind words and advice. It was greatly appreciated!!!

Call me stupid or whatever, but I cant help but get emotional in situations involving animals in pain and suffering, and losing something near and dear to my heart.

The following is the final chapter in his life.
He was active and playful right up until the very last hours of his life.

Last night when I returned home, I was faced with something no one wants to be faced with. Euthanizing a beloved pet. I thought that it would be easier, because it wasnt our dog wich we had for 19 years. Boy was I WRONG!

I arrived back home around 2am only to find that he was kind of suspended vertically in the hospital tank. He was alive, and did not look distressed. Actually he looked VERY calm. When he saw me, He attemped to swim over to me. It was at that point that I realized the seriousness of his illness. I believe the reason he was suspended vertically in the water was becase he could not move from his dorsal fin back. the slow current from the corner filter turned him around as if to show me how badly the infection had become.

Basically, his skin in decent size area around where is dorsal fin was, was gone. eaten away. you could see right down to into his flesh.

When I had left it was just a largh whitsh area, with very slight fuzzyness. Now it looked like he had been torn open.

He only attemped to move a couple more times. Both times it appeared as if he was bending himself backward as far as he could to look at his back. He stopped attempting to move after that. When I had left He was swimming around, and seemed just as playful as ever. He could move freely, but he did lounge around a bit more then usual tho.

Not knowing much about euthanizing fish, we decided to simply but alot of water in a ziplock bag, and set him in the freezer.

I did this for 2 reasons. He would die in water, and he would die quickly, as our freezer freezes a can of coke in about 15 minutes.

So, I took him out of the tank, and held him in the net for a minute and rubed the back of his head and said goodbye. I opened the bag of tank water, and put him near it. He didnt even think twice about wiggling into the bag, almost as if he knew what we were up to, and that it was time to go. I held the bag up to look at him one last time. I put my finger up to his face, and he opened his mouth 3 times as if to say goodbye.

At 2:40am I placed him in the very back, up next to the vent, on top of the brine shrimp, wich he LOVED. The hardest part was closing the door.

I lit a candle and placed it on top fo the freezer, said a silent little prayer, and shed a tear.

The bag was frozen solid when i checked again at 308am.

I am hoping that his death was as quick and as painless as could be provided.

almost 2 weeks, but he was my very favorite fish from the moment i got him in the bag at the shop, to the moment I placed him into the freezer.

I will always remember him VERY fondly. He was my first Weather Loach, and for now, my last.
I would love to have another, but some how it just doesnt seem right, not now anyway. I dont think another could live up to him.

May he R.I.P


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