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big move, distance...zero!

Posted By: ev <eco_evie@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2001, at 2:01 p.m.

yesterday i bungi-ed off the cliff.still in free-fall...
this already way too long...
after excruciating calculations & domestic discussion(s), decided to spring for 48x12wx16h"approx tank to consolidate (overstocked-plse, no lectures...) 20g & 15g currently stacked on one 24"stand in living room.

problemo :told custom from supplier, so either 48x18wx20h-a mind & space-blowing (for me) 75 g or scale back to 42x16wx18h...52 g. butttttt same price.ditto for stand. plus only (36") tube dbl light fixture for 42", but partic wanted dbl full-tank-length lights( prob adding 2 more if survive this..). scottish heritage asserted itself.ordered 48, am justifying for sake of 3 yo-yo loaches,tho l.room space will be very tight. will be spreading floor weight, new electrical circuit.... have about 5-7 days before new tank,stand etc ready.problem is it has to go where existing 2 tanks are, so will have to empty them to set up this mid-life crisis....
partic read jim's apr27/01 -using 18gall rubbermaid-& stuart apr 23/01.
currently aquaclear 201 and recent sponge filter-just on airstone-on 20g,aqclear 150 on 15. have 10 gal hospital tank w aqclear mini &heater which am seeding to-day w couple gall water,bit of gravel,java moss & bacteria from 20, also have 2 5-gall glass carboys for aging.
-due to bit of aggression, recently switched one cory, pr dwf gourami from 20 to 15, and 6 rasboras from 15 to 20 with no problems
-using gravel,existing & new, from tanks, plus existing plants.

wld appreciate advice on tentative plan...
-in 2 days, move 3 tetras from 20 to 10 g hospital,3 days later move 6 rasboras there,lvg 3 loaches in 20 with (2 small)plecos until moving day.
-day of move, some of fish (4 white clouds, plecos) could take unheated 18 g rubbermaid container w airstone & approx 10g water from a tank drain-off plus some fresh water...loaches,cory & pr dwf gourami into 10g (uh-oh,)
1) total water from 3 tanks &10 g aging is approx 50g max.guess another 18 g rubbermaid necessary for aging..

2)running 150 & 200 aquaclears on new tank enough?
3)would i be better on day of shiftover just bag tetras, rasboras & loaches, drain 20g & save, move gravel to new tank, put tetras,loaches, rasboras & dwf gouramis into bare 20 with saved water,few plants,150,heater,etc. which means can't really use that water for new tank . concerned that 10g too small for loaches,tetras,gouramis,cory and rasboras even for several hours...- wld give me bigger time window but will new tank wind up partially cycling with higher % "fresh" water, or wld my 200 aquaclear (w 2 sponges in it),gravel etc.prob do it in few hrs since fish load going to be proportionally less, not more..advantage to refilling 20 wld be option to gradually add fish to new tank over several days if necessary(realize these filters, gravel etc all need to be kept aerated to keep bacteria alive.)
apologies for length, but am i making this more complicated than it needs to be?.
deconstructive criticism also welcome, since order & deposit now in, there's no turning back....
never done this before (obviously).thank you for your patience...


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