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Tank stands and canopies! (Long post)

Posted By: V3rt|g0 <yasdenvassant@hotmail.com>
Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2001, at 12:18 p.m.

Well, I know some of you may remember that we were given a 150 gallon tank about 2 months back...well, that tank still hasn't had anything done with it, due to the fact that we still haven't gotten any of the parts from the person who gave it to us! *grumble* But we're moving out of this apartment at the end of next month so we wouldn't have done anything until then. Now, this girl wants her tank back, which is fine...but we were really looking forward to seeing how big our clowns were going to get...

So now, we're in the process of looking for a bigger tank. Right now both of our tanks are overstocked (my fault, I couldn't pass up the ol fish on sale/hey use this coupon and get one free too! routine :P)...but not too badly I don't think. Our tropical tank is in definite need of upgrading because 7 clowns, 4 yoyos, 2 modestas, 2 blind cave tetras, 3 gold skirt tetras, 4 glass catfish, 1 swordtail, and a pleco are a bit much for a 29 gallon tank!

In regards to that, I looked at a 125 gallon tank, that didn't have the stand but did have the canopy...I thought to myself "this is too big, hell the 150 sitting in our living room takes up 1 entire wall and has nothing in it!" So I saw a 75 gallon at a pet store in the mall that just recently discontinued selling fish, but continues to sell accessories. The canopy was actual wood, but the stand was made out of particle board...ugh, go figure. I hate particle board. After pricing each piece separately, it came to around 400 something...but I talked to the clerk and she said the manager would probably cut me a deal on the whole package. If I recall correctly the tank does include all the things for setup...don't quote me on that though. What would you guys say is a fair price for the entire combo with the accessories, and without? I was thinking somewhere along the lines of maybe $150 (if the tank does have all the stuff with it) or $200 (if the tank is barren) off. Opinions? Any suggestions on what to get for the tank if nothing is in it? Or maybe even upgrades if stuff is in it?

Like I said, we wouldn't be setting up the tank until June, because at this point in time it would be for nothing due to the fact that at the end of May we're moving out....I don't wanna cycle a tank, then have to recycle it again right away :P. Once we do get another tank and get it cycled, we are unplugging the heater in the 29 and moving our coldwater fish into there, and using the 10 gallon tank as a hospital/quarantine tank...when we find a place for it!

Another thing...we were pricing a stand for the 29 gallon, due to the fact it's sitting on a bookshelf/plantstand kinda deal right now...my fiancee saw one for $189.99 at PetSmart, made of actual wood...but after tax that's like $205...for wood and parts that probably cost 20?
Would it be more efficient to buy one or just make one? I have the skills to do it and the resources (my stepdad's a carpenter *muahaha*), it's just the time and effort...

Anyway I'll shut up, if you haven't dozed off by now...lol.

Thanks again!


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