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I'm back....with more questions....long

Posted By: Deb(Eastern Canada)
Date: Tuesday, 3 April 2001, at 4:29 p.m.

Hi Everyone. My PC has been in the shop on and off for the last 3 weeks, just when I really needed it. Anyway, my 3 small clowns got ich!
I treated them with Quick Cure at half dose and they seemed to be doing great, the white spots went away. After about 5 days the smallest one stopped eating and was hiding all the time. To shorten this up, he died about 7 days after I started the treatment. Then the other two started to act the same way. I checked the water, no ammonia and the ph was 7.2 . I had never tested for nitrate or nitrite, only learned about it when I found this board. I remembered reading a post about nitrite poisening so I bought 2 test kits. But I was too late. When I got home my other two clowns were dead. I was so angry at myself for not thinking of this earlier.
The numbers were:
ammonia 0, ph 7.2, nitrite 0.5, nitrate 110.
Am I correct in thinking that I messed up my cycle with the medication? Are these numbers high enough to have killed my clowns?
Could I have overdosed with the Quick Cure? I used a half dose every 3 days, doing a 25% water change every time. In total I dosed the tank 4 times.
So I would appreciate any feedback, as I don't want to ever do this to my fish again. I'm just not sure what actually killed them.
P.S. There are 4 kuhlis, 1 pleco and 3 danios in the tank , all seem to be fine.
TIA, Deb.


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