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Disapointed at Petstore.

Posted By: mr. bones
Date: Friday, 23 March 2001, at 1:41 p.m.

Today I got home from the local petstore, with what were allegedly 1 skunk loach, 2 tiger loaches, and 3 clowns. So, I whipped out the webcam and took pictures at my new fish, and sent them to my friend who knows about 10 times of what I do about loaches and fish. What does he say? "That's a skunk CORY, and 2 chinese algae eaters, the clowns are real though."

Amazing. I'll be the first to point out I'm no expert on loaches, but after doing a bit of research online, I can safely say the "Skunk cory" looks almost identical to a skunk loach. Skunks are a bit rounder and narrower, but I assumed from the markings and advertisements it might of been a younger one. As for the CAE's (chinese algae eaters), I can't wait till they get big and maul my $85 worth of fish to death like so many fish resource websites proclaim they do.

I can only assume the person who classifies their fish at the petstore thought that due to the CAE's spots and stripes it looked like a tiger, and facial appearance it looked like a loach. I saw a picture of a real tiger loach today. Doesn't even look like a CAE. I also would assume since Skunk Corys and Skunk loaches look alot alike he labeled them as that.

If you thought all that was absurd, get this:While on the phone with the guy who sold me these fish, he said he would take them back after I answered a few things for him. He asked what size my tankw as. 30 Gallons. What tank mates are with the fish (don't mind my lazyness): All community fish. What I feed my fish: Mixed diet of flakes, freeze dried and live variations of worms. Of course these questions were only used as loopholes for his excuses. He claims 20 fish is overloading a 30g..um, no. But anyways, the store REFUSES to take them back unless they're deceased. This is of course the last time I buy anything from that store. Maybe next time I go in they'll have Bala Sharks advertised as Miniature Great White's.

Whew, sorry that turned into a big rant. But as long as I have these fish, could you guys tell me a bit about them? The Skunk cory is cool, the clowns of course are awesome (I read alot about them), and the CAE's are well...good up until they mature I heard. Any light you can shed is very appreciated.

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