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Sick Clown Loach, please help...

Posted By: Donovan <dchristoffer@uswest.net>
Date: Sunday, 11 March 2001, at 11:10 a.m.

(Sorry if this message is messed up, I cut and pasted it from the freshwater forum)

I think I have a sick clown loach. I noticed him lying on his side (which I know they do sometimes),

but he didn't seem "right". I reached in with a net and he only moved a couple inches. He looks

kinda "dark". After netting him and looking closely he looks like he has an injury on his side, or an

infection. There is a spot that looks like a white spot with some red. On closer inspection it looks

like a tiny bit of his skin is gone. On that same side there are two other spots that look like a small

patch of skin is gone. On his other side he has one small white spot about pin-head size on his

middle black stripe. Tankmates are 7 neons, 9 cory cats, 2 other clown loaches and 3 bala sharks.

Tank is 55 gallons. Just changed 30% of the water last night and vacuumed gravel. Temp is set at

80 degrees. Emperor 280 biowheel power filter. I dont think any of the other fish have ever bothered

the clown loaches a bit. None of the other fish have anything visibly wrong.

I have a 20 gallon high tank that I could move him into. This tank was originally intended for my baby

angels which ended up dying. There is one tablespoon of salt per five gallons of water in this tank

and the temp is set at 82 degrees. I originally filled this tank with 50% tank water from my 55 and

50% fresh water. The baby angels were in the tank for about 24 hours. The tank has had nothing in it

since (about a week). The filter on it has been running since I set it up to hospitalize the baby angels

(about a week and a half ago). It is a penguin 110 biowheel.

I have to go to work until 2pm central time. I guess I will leave the clown loach in the 55 gallon till I get

back. Is there too much salt in the 20 gallon for a loach? What medications if any should I use?

Should I be moving this sick fish and treating him or just treating the whole 55 gallon tank?

Thanks in advance



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