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Weather w/Pimples: Follow-up *PIC*

Posted By: Tibor <tibor@tiborsrealm.com>
Date: Sunday, 14 January 2001, at 11:08 a.m.

Hello all,

Some of you may recall a few months back when I posted that my weather loach Mojo had pimples. I'd suspected the angelfish or maybe even annoyed clowns, so I temporarily moved him to a smaller, cooler tank with nothing to run into save the filter intake and rounded heater element and in which the most aggressive fish were young swordtails. That didn't work, so I moved him back to the warmer, more landscaped 55 where the clowns welcomed him back and he resumed enjoyment of life again.

Well the final verdict was: Dunno what it is, let him have his spots, and I have. I'm no longer freaked out about them, but it is odd that they remain; been at least two months, maybe three, that he's been afflicted by these. I've ruled out everything I could think of, from heater burns to malicious tankmates to running into the driftwood and rocks to water temperature. The sand is not sharp, or the cories I used to have would have sufferred as well. I'm still at a loss.

But now I have pictures, hence the post. If anyone recognizes the spots and knows how to get rid of them (garlic and melafix don't work on them; they go away, but as soon as one heals, another appears) I'm all ears! Or, if others are just finding these on their weather loaches, know that they're probably not going to hurt the fish as Mojo has had them for months now and is still happy and healthy.

I've included an image of Mojo. To see more of the fish, click the link below and click on "Mojo" from the left column and his pics will show up in the right portion of the page. I have most of my fish on there; the clowns have proven difficult to capture.


Mojo and His Friends

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