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Clowns + Red-Tailed Black Shark = Odd, Indeed!

Posted By: Tibor <tibor@tiborsrealm.com>
Date: Saturday, 6 January 2001, at 6:16 p.m.

(sorry...kinda long)

Hi all,

Talk about odd! Today I did a HUGE change in my community 55; took out two plecos, three large cories and two small swordtails to make some space, etc. Replaced them all with a single red-tailed black shark; the rest of my store credit will go to aquatic plants once they replenish their currently very poor stock. I was pretty worried about aggression, and continue to monitor. So far the angels have learned to leave him alone, but the betta keeps flaring at him. Odd. But the best part was Mojo (my dojo). When I finally flipped the bag to let the shark in, Mojo SHOT into the sand, leaving a plume of it where he entered, and in half a shake only his mouth and an eye were visible! Now he's relaxed again, but that was pretty darned funny if a little disconcerting.

Anyway, this shark is about the same length as my largest clown (Gretchen) - about three or four inches. Gretchen's got weight on him, but he looks a lot faster. Anyway, I pulled up a chair and was watching them all, and Gretch took a glance at me then jumped up off the bottom, felt for his head and started doing the "wiggle", trying to push him away side by side! I was on edge, scared the shark would get mad after what I've heard about them, but he just wiggled back, and lost. :-) I guess Gretchen rules, but what the heck? He's not a CLOWN, for pete's sake! Does this mean that they've accepted him as a peer and will eventually include him the school if he likes? The neons sure won't; you should see them scatter like little blue lightning bolts when he swims through their 15-fish pack!

Has anyone else experienced this shark/clown behavior?


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