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Botia Modesta compatibilities

Posted By: V3rt|g0 <yasdenvassant@hotmail.com>
Date: Sunday, 24 December 2000, at 5:32 a.m.

Hey all again. Just wanted to report that our tank officially completed its cycling a few days ago! We've gotten some more schooling fish (2 more skirt tetras, 4 emerald corys, 3 ghost catfish) to fix the reclusive clown's behavior. They, along with the addition of a 2nd female clown cured his shyness. We've dubbed him Paleface, due to the top of his head being much lighter than the rest of the clowns.

We also purchased 2 1.5" YoYos, which I've learned are either autistic or there's something in the bloodworms. They are absolutely hilarious! The little guys will wiggle around on their snouts and attempt to dig into the gravel, and when they do they look like they're being electricuted LOL. Another thing they like to do is swim upside down and examine all the tiny leaves on the artificial plants for any possible food.

My next question for you all is this: There are 3 botia modestas at the nearby PetCo, and they've been sitting there for 2-3 weeks now. I'm curious as to whether or not they would be compatible with our clowns and yoyos. I read in the species index that they can become aggressive in small groups, but does that mean towards each other or other fish? If they are compatible, what's a good number to have? These botias are only about 3" right now.

My personal opinions on PetSmart: Our nearby one from now on puts clowns in tanks with shelters, due to the fact (I did a good deed here) a few days ago I heard a couple of the employees talking about why they were dying so fast and so pale. I told them they were stressed out probably from the lights being on constantly and not having anywhere to hide from it. There were probably 15 clowns in that tank and their body color was a very very pale orange, the stripes being a pale grey. We purchased our new female from there, and she seems to be darkening up a bit. She's a little bit smaller than our other 3 and still trying to find her niche but I've been monitoring her closely for any signs of impeding sickness or death.

It's sad that I've only been dealing with clowns a month and I know more than the people that work there. The guy that was getting our fish I had to show *how* to net the clown (going very very slow with the net and using your hand to chase them into it). I didn't realize it until after he'd netted her that his name tag said TRAINEE on it. Ugh. It didn't register at first the reason why I'd watched him drop some customer's red oscar was that he was new. I just noticed there wasn't a basket of water ready when he did it. Before he netted ours, I told him he needed to get the basket of water ready *before* he netted the fish, not after. Sad that the department manager hadn't even shown him that much. I told him I was getting a female, and I explained to him the difference. I think the *only* thing they'd shown him was how to bag them and told him that having 2 male bettas together was a bad thing. Good help is hard to find these days eh?

Ok last question and I'll wrap this up. We purchased a pleco and 4 white clouds for our coldwater tank, and are going to have the PetCo fish manager (who is very knowledgable and has helped us out a lot) order a couple of dojos for us. Are there any other coldwater fishes out there other than green tenches and goldfish (which we don't want any more of, we got rid of the 7 we had in there)? One guy I talked to said corys would work, though I figured I'd ask you guys' opinions first.

Ok enough gibberish from my fingers for now. :)

Thanks again!


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