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Genders of clowns, coldwater fish, & elephantnoses

Posted By: V3rt|g0 <yasdenvassant@hotmail.com>
Date: Friday, 15 December 2000, at 4:24 p.m.

Ok, I'm asking this silly question only because I forgot...LOL. I know that one gender of clowns has the top of the back fin rounded, and the other gender has it pointed. But which is which? We have two of one kind and one of another (I can't remember off the top of my head and they're all hiding right now :P). I'm asking this because we know for sure that the two nonbashful clowns are a male/female pair. The other one (the shy and reclusive one) is either a male or a female and we were hoping to maybe get he/she a mate to perhaps cure the constant hiding.

So please...which is which? :) And any other suggestions about bringing the loner out of hiding more often? (Other than buying schooling fish, we're planning on doing that soon too)

Just to let you all know, our tank is almost done cycling! I'm guessing maybe 2-3 more days before the nitrite spike is over with (down to less than 2 ppm)!!! Thanks for all the help during this extremely delicate time. The survivors of the whole mess:

all 3 clown loaches (yay)
1 ghost glass catfish
2 marigold swordtails (male/female pair)
1 pleco
2 rainbow skirt tetras (I think that's their name, it's different in every store I've been to!)

I'm sure we wouldn't have lost as many fish if we hadn't gotten the goldfish (which we took back yesterday). The only fish I know for sure that didn't make the spikes were some of the scissortail rasboras (the biggest goldfish killed 2-3 of these I know for sure, as well as the other ghost catfish), the african butterfly (which I think was sick when we bought it due to the fact I could actually pet it!), and the female black molly (the male died from an accident during a water change). This was pretty much a well-learned lesson not to purchase feeder goldfish for long-term pets (way too aggressive!)
Hope someone finds some use for this info for possible fish to put in a new tank.

Our 10-gallon tank is currently in the midst of its ammonia spike, the only fish being in there is the black moor that just got done with a week-long treatment of MelaFix for fin rot. We plan on getting a pair of Dojos for this tank after cycling completes. Do any of you know what some other good coldwater fish are that could go in a 10 gallon tank? The temp stays at about 70 constantly, because it's sitting on a rack just an inch above the floor, close to a heater. (Only place we had to put it)

One last question and I will shut up...LOL. How well would an elephantnose do in the 29 gallon tank we have right now (80 degrees)? No one can seem to tell me anything about their diet or distemperment or anything else. Only thing I know is that they have to be quarantined when putting in ich meds. Anyone know anything about these genuinely odd-looking fish?

But anyway, any answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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