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Please help me figure out what's going on

Posted By: Sam <sawmie@bgnet.bgsu.edu>
Date: Wednesday, 29 November 2000, at 6:18 p.m.

Ok, so another clown bites the dust. I have my clowns in a 10 gallon tank (for now because they are small enough). In the past two days, I have lost two fish. I know it's not poor water quality. I've tested my water and it comes out pretty regular. In fact, I have to use bottled water for water changes because of the town's water killing my fish (no joke). The first loach that died was just real listless and didn't move very much to begin with (maybe had this all along in the dealers tank). The second one died today. It showed to discolorations. One on the head, and one on the tail, and looks like some blood around the mouth. The one on the tail is more of a discoloration, the one on the head looked like a grey spot sticking on the side of its head. Please help! My loach is still under "warranty," but if the ones I add are going to die from something in the tank, I'd feel terrible about that. I think the spot on the head could be Oodnium (velvet), but I didn't think it would kill this fast. I noticed the spot this morning, medicated the tank right-a-way, and at 6pm tonight, I found it dead at the bottom of the tank. The felt more slimy than they normally do (I think, I don't exactly touch the fish in my tank on a frequent basis...well...hardly ever)
None of the other fish in the tank seem to be infected, except one of my 2 remaining clown loaches. I'm noticing about 3 very very tiny bumps sort of orangish colored...inbetween the head and top fin. I don't think those were there before, but I never looked as closely at her as I just did.

The tank is currently medicated with 3/4 dose of Jungle's Ick Guard.

Should I treat for velvet? If so, will the Ick treatment interfere with this?
I'll try to have pictures by tonight of the most recent dead clown. I have to borrow a digital camera. If this could help you guys, let me know.

AOL Instant messenger screen name: Sawmie
ICQ: 18713306


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