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Mojo Chronicles, Volume 3?

Posted By: Tibor <tibor@tiborsrealm.com>
Date: Tuesday, 14 November 2000, at 11:47 p.m.

Hi all; a follow-up on my weather loach woes:

Well, Mojo never fully recovered in the 20-gallon, though the number of blemishes declined somewhat. They're all healing, just being replaced with new. I've officially given up, with a watchful eye still, well, watching.

I moved him back to the 55 today. It was cute; he dropped to the bottom to rest, and the clowns (as in ALL OF THEM!) rushed over to feel him over and see if it was really him. He was easier to catch this time, and even would lie still in the tupperware container and let me lift his front up out of the water to inspect the dots. He'd tolerate it for a few seconds, then gently slither back into the water. When I first dropped him into the 55, he went to my corner and laid there with is front up a little, as if expecting my hand to slide underneath. Of course now I approach and it's a 50/50 chance he'll either look at me or run for his life. Loaches....

I did find out one interesting thing; though Melafix doesn't hurt the fish, Mojo certainly doesn't like it. I dropped a little in the tupperware with him in it (hoping he'd absorb some into his skin before hitting the 55) and he waited a second, then went NUTS! He was STANDING ON HIS TAIL in the tub, with me trying to keep him from jumping out! He was faster than I was. :-) I slowly hand lowered him into the 55, as I couldn't hold him and get new water for the tupperware simultaneously.

Anyway, that's the Mojo story. Still some dots, but not many. I'm not putting the driftwood or rocks back; when I add them to the 20 his numbers went up a little bit. I'm now 95% certain these are sustained from hitting things in the tank; I think his vision is more poor than usual.


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