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Once and for all on ICH!!

Posted By: scottychaos <sscotsman@yahoo.com>
Date: Tuesday, 17 October 2000, at 3:28 p.m.

Greetings everyone, I am a visitor from another forum..we are having a discussion on Ich, and no one seems to be able to answer this question for certain! so im posting it on several different forums..the issue is this:

suppose you have an outbreak of ICH, you treat it sucessfully and it goes away...is the ICH gone for good?? I would think all the ICH would be wiped out if you do the treatment long enough..

but some people say that ICH can go dormant and then re-appear months or years later! but why would ICH go dormant in an aquarium environment? I could understand it going dormant in the wild when temps drop, but why in an aquarium?? (I read on one web page that ICH will go dormant under 50 degrees F)

so my question is: Can ICH go dormant and "lurk" in an aquarium to come back later, or, once it is killed it is gone for good and can only be re-introduced from the outside? (on a new
fish or plants or something..) if you have ich and treat for it, and you add no new plants or anything, can ich lay dormant to come back later??
and if so, why?? why would it go dormant??

my opinion is that Ich WILL be wiped out if you treat for it properly, doing the treatment long enough and all that..and it cannot come back ever unless re-introduced from the outside..I cant seem to find any valid proof of either scenerio..

so does anyone know?? and is there any PROOF anywhere? :) all I have heard from people is "well I heard it can go dormant" I am trying to find out 100% one way or the other..



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