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Choosing good names: a sad story

Posted By: Matt
Date: Saturday, 30 September 2000, at 2:01 p.m.

If you don't like sad stories or know who the Three Stooges were this story won't make much sense......

OK, so I am (was) a newbie when it comes to the aquarium hobby experience and have experienced a few of the common mistakes when it comes to starting a new aquarium. I have a 50 gallon tank and among the other fish that added (incrementally) to my tank were 3 clown loaches (2 1/2 inches each). I did some research and followed many of sugestions here (thanks!) to give my loaches a happy home. Unfortunately, in my attempts to do the right thing (water changes, water quality checks, providing adequate "cave" shelter, I forgot one thing.....

...choose a good name for these guys...it could bring either good or bad luck!

Since I had three clowns I named them Moe, Larry, and Curly. I added them with my second batch of fish and about ten days later they became ick infested (pretty bad, too). I treated that with Rid-Ich for about a week and all was well. When the disease had been gone about a week I, feeling pretty good about myself, stopped treatment and returned the carbon to my canister filter. Now I had been worried about Moe because he had been in a constant stage of greying out (almost to the point of being transparent) and he had stopped eating. But it was Curly that I found dead, rather ugly-looking in the bottom of the tank. Figuring something serious must be going on I rushed out and bought a hospital tank and started looking for Levamisole to treat internal parasites. Not finding any Levamisole and in my haste to do something I started treatment with Erythromycin in the hospital tank. After about a week or so in the hospital tank the two remaining loaches (Moe and Larry) started eating regularly and seemed more active. Again feeling pretty good about myself, back in the tank they went. But this time I raised the temp to above 80 degrees Farenheit in the community tank. Everybody in the tank seemed to love it!

I decided that Moe and Larry needed a third, so in came a third clown loach which I named Shemp, of course! I was very careful adding Shemp and followed many precautions. Unfortunately, Shemp didn't last too long...he died in the isolation tank I had set up to acclimate him to my local tank conditions. So once again life immitates art (if you call the 3 stooges art and I do!). I chalked this death up to dumb luck and my stupidity since the teenybopper that sold me the fish scooped up the least inactive of the bunch at the store.

Well, now Moe and Larry are still alone in the community tank happily eating and cruising the grounds. I have my $6 dollars back from Shemp's life insurance policy (lfs warranty) and I'm ready to try again. But this time rather than follow the natural 3 Stooges progression and naming the fish Joe or Curly Joe, I named this guy Thor God of Thunder. That seemed to work because now all my loaches are happy and healthy.

The moral of the story? I think I've learned that choosing the right name for your loaches can make all the difference in the world! With this in mind some other names to avoid would be as follows:

Loachy (Lizzy) Borden, Marie "Loach" Antoinette, Archduke Ferdinand "Loach", James "Loach" Dean, Julius "Loach" Caesar, etc.....

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