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Been doing fish for about 3 years. Have 3 tanks (am a bit obsessive!). The 90 gallon tank is a community tank, with 4 clown loaches, 2 yo-yos (more on order), balas, hatchets, brilliant rasboros, harlequin rasboros, cory cats, x-ray tetras, a 12" pleco, 2 2" plecos, 4 congo tetras, and a changing collection of neons, danios and other small fast fish that the balas seem to think are meant to be snacks for them. I originally got the clown loaches because I was having a tremendous problem with snails in the tank. No more ;-)

The second tank is a peaceful cichlid tank, with 2 6" angels, 1 2" angel, 3 peacocks that are supposed to mature to red and yellow, and a bristle-nose pleco. This is also my plant and snail breeding tank.

The third tank varies, but currently is a live-bearing fry tank, with dalmation mollies.

My most recent passion is observing the loach behaviour - looking forward to seeing them mature!

Also have 3 cats, a snake, and an 8 1/2 year old son.


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