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Re: Advice for 100g Here's What We Did :)

Posted By: Suzanne & Mark <loachfreaks@earthlink.net>
Date: Thursday, 14 September 2000, at 12:09 a.m.

In Response To: Advice for 100g (fcamdog)

Hi there Fcamdog,

We have a 72 gal for our loaches with live plants and driftwood. Unfortunatelt the clowns love to eat my plants!!!we have amazonswords and dwarflily(both of which they love to munch on). On the other hand they don't seem to both the aponogeton, large onion plant, and they relish the huge patch of java moss growing on the driftwood (this is a must, all fish love the moss!!if you can tie it to your wood and get it to stay).

Now as for other tank mates, We have chosen other botia and loach species such as yoyos, striatas, gold bandeds, horsefaces, and other non bullies. We also house three spiny eels ranging from 8" to 5" and an american eel (9" now!!! he's soon to be released back into his natural habitat).We would not recommend keeping these eels if your pH will be below 6.8. We also have 2 pearl gouramis that mind their own business.

Our tank has the max # of fish inches/gallon. We use a hang on biological filter so we can't say too much in the way of cannisters. We might use one for the Amazon river tank we are designing but we tend to stick with Aquaclear.

I hope explaining our tank has given you some ideas for yours. We just do what's best for our loaches and always give them the best (i.e. lighting, real plants, lotsa hiding places, real plants and driftwood, frozen and live food, and the most attention fish could ever have). We hope that you enjoy your new project!!!

Good luck :)

Suzanne & Mark

As for filtration

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