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Loach jumped out of tank

Posted By: Linda
Date: Wednesday, 30 August 2000, at 3:13 p.m.

I actualy have two problems. I have a 55 gal tank that has been set up for 31/2 weeks. Going through major problems. Water water is cloudy at its worst right now, can not see the middle of tank. I have brought the water to be test ed and I do tests my self. Everyone has told me it has to run its cycle. It has high ammonia level is high. Treating with Ammo Lock 2 and water changes of 20%every 7 to 10 days. Nitrite is high but Nitrate is present. List of fish in tank: 1 31/3" Gold Gouramis 2 3" to 4" Blue Botia Loaches 1 Betta 2 1" to 11/2 Duarf Gouramis 10 Neon Tetras Fish have all been doing great no visual effects at all. They are not being over fed. The gravel is white and when we turn the filters on about a half hour after there is nothing left on the bottom or anywhere. My second problem is one of my Blue Botia Loaches is constantly in trouble. He has been in the filter so many times I have had to put a nylon over it. Yesterday he manage to jump out of the tank though a 1" space he found. He was out of the tank for 1/2 hr to an hr. I wet my hand picked him up and in a panic put him back in the tank. After that he was quite, didn't eat at feeding but would swim some. This morning he had white strings coming off of him and his top fin looks just a litte tattered. He was swimming around with the other one who is with him almost constantly. He is still quiter than he was but looks like he may make it. This afternoon the the white strings seem to be gone and the top fin still the same as it did this morning. I guess my main question now is have I opened the whole tank to disease on top of all my other problems Just ready to give up! Need some Help!

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