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Moving & preferencial treatment.

Posted By: Tibor <tibor@tiborsrealm.com>
Date: Friday, 25 August 2000, at 4:12 p.m.

Okay, well, the move went okay; only the fish have been moved so far. The styrofoam cooler leaked a little, but just enough to dampen my new carpet. I filled it with tankwater and then had to literally *chase* Frans (one of the clowns) into the PVC to stay with the others so I could pull the PVC out with the clowns in it. Made like a water slide and dumped them out one end because it was too long to fit in the cooler. They all faded *instantly*, but then in the bags floating back in the tank colored up in less than a minute! The sponge filter succeeded in keeping it clean, and the finger test revealed that the temperature had barely changed (actually went up a smidge).

So I go to let the fish out of the bag (two bags). The whole process, because I didn't want to unceremoniously dump them again, took a few minutes waiting for them to figure out how to leave. The corys were the worst. :-) But Frans was amazing - he saw my hand lower the open end into the water and out he swam, leaving me waiting on everyone else. The other clowns watched Frans go, then tried to figure out how he made it through the plastic ...

No leaks, same water, and it was set back up rather quickly. All in all a good move! They all appeared to be in good health still, and all the clowns but Frans went into the tube to rest from the sloshing ordeal.

Meanwhile, Frans is THE guy that's out the most, frolicing in the air bubbles and dancing with the corys. He doesn't run and hide when I enter the room. He's the one that tried to bite through the bag to get Sebastian out. He used to lay in the corner of the tank nearest me when the tank was on my desk. He's the only clown that ate earthworm after I went through the hassle of "pooping" it. He's the only "clicker" on a regular basis. He was the first to figure out his way out of the acclimation bag, and he swam right into the net when I fished them out of the cooler. Every time I see him, I see a clown that simply loves life and plays constantly and enjoys everything, including his daddy! But his behavior sometimes tells me he's an intellect in disguise, secretly contemplating life, the universe, and the origin of flake food.

Unfortunately, he's also the bottom loach, because he just won't compete anymore. :-( (Actually, the new guy Sebastian may be bottom, but he's been working on the king quite a bit; ambitious.) He did when he and Hans (king) were the first two in the tank, but then the latter outgrew him and he's been totally peaceful ever since. Now Hans even takes up for him, when Wolfgang gets a little out of hand from quarrelling with Hans and decides to take it out on Frans, who does everything he can to elude him.

So ... is it okay if I coddle him a little? Favor his favorite foods, etc? Wait until everyone else goes into tube to feed, so that he gets at the food before they come out and devour it? Try to fatten him up? Or is that all a no-no in the definitive fish parenting manual? Or am I just trying to make him king, when he doesn't want to be? What do you all think?


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