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Oops! Why did I do this????

Posted By: Maureen <maureen@kramerdog.com>
Date: Sunday, 6 August 2000, at 9:37 p.m.

Well, here goes: I bought 3 clown loaches today (2, 3, and 4 inches from head to caudal peduncle) and decided to indroduce them to Roscoe, the 2.5 inch modesta. I figured that at their size they wouldn't quarantine well, and all had been at the store at least 3 weeks, so I skipped the 10 gallon QT tank. They seemed to do ok in the big tank at first, but Medium clown and Roscoe don't get along well. Medium was like "Hey, can we be pals? We're about the same size!" And Roscoe was like "Get away from MY area, you stripey dork!" So my hope that Roscoe wouldn't realize he is a modesta was dashed, and now my fiance is trying to capture Roscoe. He has a weak spot for Mysis shrimp (Roscoe, not Dave) and so we baited a green net and are hoping he'll swim in. I thought that posting might somehow cosmically make Roscoe swim into the net. I can't bear the thought of going to bed and letting him possibly hurt one of my new clowns, who are sweet and cute and playful. ARGH! They all have Plenty of hiding places and Roscoe has never bothered Anyone, so I took this chance. Now I am kicking myself. If we don't catch him tonight, I'll bring home a tank divider to keep them separate till we can catch him. Unfortunately I don't have any PVC to try the tube trick tonight.

Well, anyway, that's one more vote against clowns + modestas in the same tank. On the bright side, I am thrilled with the clowns. Medium and Large were tankmates at the store, and Small was with 3 other small loaches. I wanted at least 3, and Small was clearly the cutest of the small ones. Large is so big! He/she has been snorking around (for lack of a better term) the big tank and knocking stuff around. What a klutz! But I couldn't resist such a large loach, especially watching him play with Medium at the store. BTW, this is not the store I work at. I went to another nice LFS in a nearby town looking for Congo tetras, but fell in love with Medium and Large instead. I guess I'll keep you posted on trying to catch Roscoe. Someone here was asking how to catch a loach recently. "Get your significant other to do it" would be my answer. :)

Sorry I'm so long winded!! -Maureen

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