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Popping in to say "hi"

Posted By: Anthony
Date: Sunday, 30 July 2000, at 2:08 a.m.

Hello folks,

I haven't been around for a while, but I still see some familiar names still. It has been a while since I participated in this webforum.

An update on my tank:

Haven't lost one fish so far (5 Clowns, 1 Red Tailed Shark, 4 Julii Cory's, 1 AngelFish, 2 Giant Danio's and 6 assorted Danio's in a spaceous tank)

The clowns have grown, and all 5 at different paces and seem to have some sort of hierarchy structure, which is most noticeable during feeding and observing skin colour changes. They are pigs! They have wonderful large bellies and have "come out of their shells" so to speak. I'm entertained for hours now.I feed them a variety of foods, flake being the most common, with shrimp pellets, frozen bloodworms and the occasional zuchinni weighted down.

In terms of conflict, the danios have never touched the Angel at all, rather they stay their distance as he is a large adult. RTS likes to pretend to be master of all that he surveys, twitching around and putting on a display, but the clowns and the rest don't even notice. RTS is a wonderful fish to observe and is not as aggressive when put in the right mix. The clowns often share their caves with him.

For filtration, I have a boiwheel and a penguin flow generator. Temperature is optimal at 79 - 82. 30% water changes every 2 weeks with a python, and an occasional capful or two of cycle for the plants seems to be working well. I do not use PH controllers, but monitor Nitrate/Nitrite and PH once in a while.

When I lost my first batch of clowns due to ich contracted from the LFS, I participated in discussion with the folks at LOL to gain insight and information on loaches. What I found was: Friendly people, good laughs, and loads of good information. Some topics were trivial, which spurred on great discussions leading to conclusions that had us all learn something new and/or have a big laugh.

I waited for my "new" LFS to call me when he had a shipment of new loaches. He had some clowns already in stock, but it seems that clowns just don't do very well for an extended period in any of the LFS's around. I finally got the call from the LFS and went in to see the new shipment. Great balls of fire! I walked in and a wave of fish were going back and forth in the tank. These guys were small (max 1 inch from top to bottom) and were playing one big follow the leader back and forth. Their bellies were rounded, and that told me that they were eating/not traumatized.

My tank is heathy thanks to information that I compiled and put into practise. It really wasn't as hard as I expected. It just required diligence with water changes, vacuuming occasionally, carbon replacements for the biowheel. Hopefully I won't have any losses for a while, but I want to give everyone here a big "Thank you" on behalf of me and my appreciative loachy squigglers.

Right now, I don't have any songs in my head and I hope that it stays that way, now that I'm back :)


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