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Tiborian ramblings - best avoided.

Posted By: Tibor Kun <tibor@tiborsrealm.com>
Date: Tuesday, 25 July 2000, at 12:45 p.m.

I feel the need to vent to my loach-rasing brethren! Okay, so my wife and I are separating. Okay, that's pretty darned stressful (just MAYBE!) But afterthe last couple months, we're eager to move to new apartments in a BIG way! We get along great most of the time, but she's depressed and I'm snappish from time to time. Messing with the bank accounts, etc, is a real PITA. But at least I get to keep the fish!

So today I signed the lease on my new place! Pretty decent; one-bedroom, semi-affordable and close to work. Have the floorplan all worked out, with a bedroom that'll be a study with a bed (hey, I'll be like a single guy again!)running astronomy software 24-7 and my aquarium nicely positioned so that I can see it when I'm drifting off to sleep AND when I have my feet propped up on my desk and the keyboard on my lap (who can ask for more than THAT, right?)

But get this: I have "joint custody" of the dog, pretty much, on weekends. It's crazy, but I love the little thing, and it's really *her* dog, so I can't take it from her as it would horribly depress her (and we still love each other) and probably not be in the best interests of the dog who lived it's first 5 years with her. In fact, I love it enough to put down a $300 pet deposit! You'd think that would cover everything, right? Nope! If I get a 50-gallon tank or larger, I have to pay ANOTHER $300 deposit, only $200 of which is refundable! Heck, an aquarium is an all-or-nothing thing! The fish won't pee on the floor if I don't make it home on time (and neither will the dog since I'll have her on weekends)! The only catastrophe that can occur is if the tank leaks or shatters, and that's gonna use up more than a $300 deposit in a hurry, so why is only $200 refundable??!

Anyway, now I have to decide: Give up the weekends with the dog or get a smaller tank. $600 for a pet deposit is outrageous and though not impossibe, a serious drain on the finances! What a choice! I love the dog ... I want a big aquarium. I love the dog ... I want a big tank! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I'll wait until I have everything but the actual tank to decide. I have a feeling that (darned clowns - why'd they have to be so cool??!) I'll trade the dog for the tank! I also REALLY want that blue fryeri! If I told them my 55 was a 48, do you think they'd know? Should I just get a smaller tank and wing it? Is 45-50 gallons okay for three strapping young loache the primes of lives and sure to reach 6 inches before I upgrade yet again? What am I THINKING???

Anyway, that's my ramblings for the day. Didn't have any cichlid questions (made up my mind at last - 3 clowns, 3 corys and 2 Malawian imports), and had to follow the routine after all.

Any advice, condolenses or "get out of the bandwidth!"'s accepted.


BTW - We are NOT separating because of fish. Though they don't fight me over the phone line. "Clown loaches will not fight you over whose turn it is to get onto the Internet" :-)

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